Monday 30 August 2010

The Gallery: One Day in August

This week our prompt from Tara was to take a photo, any photo on Sunday 29 August, thus all us parent bloggers would create one massive photo album for that day. The day that three prominent Mummy Bloggers head off to Bangladesh with Save the Children. I pray that the work that Josie, Sian and Eva are doing helps in some small way, large-scale awareness is not to be underrated!

S0 here is my chosen photo, as per always it is not an expert photo and there is not anything particularly aesthetically pleasing about it. The reason I have chosen this photo is because it captures my most favourite moment of our day to Chessginton on Sunday 29th August 2010. I was sat in the back of a car with my twin daughters sat in front of me, one perfect pale blond head and one perfect pale brown head and they were both driving the car and chatting away, having a ball. There is something so divine and special about twins.
After the ride I took this photo of the rest of my family and look at the joy on everyones faces. We do love a good day out together!
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