Wednesday 18 August 2010

My Memories in a Box (a very big box!)

I have a massive big plastic storage box, which I call my box of memories. I have been collecting mementos, photos, tickets, programmes, cards and the like since I was about 14 years old (that is 23 years ago, shhhhh!) and slowly I am gaining a mountain of stuff. It was first stored in my parents loft and then when I moved into my first proper house with dh in 1997 it moved with us and has moved to 3 other properties. For the last 8 years it has been stored in my garage. This box has had furry visitors at least twice and I have had to chuck out numerous bits as the mice have demolished them but now I have no garage any longer, a new home must be found!

Realistically I do not look through this box very often but when I do I enjoy myself and am thrown back to loads of different times over the last couple of decades. I have realised that it is time to yet again clear through this box and to try and make some space. The current box is too big and too heavy to get into the loft and I do not want to be responsible for dh putting his back out!

So this weekend, one evening I will lug this box out and clear through and move the lucky surviving items into a much smaller box, one that does not contain love letters written to me in 1987, ticket stubs for gigs I went to in the early 90's (INXS, Michael Jackson, UB40, Bon Jovi, Soul 2 Soul - yes my music tastes were diverse) nor every wedding card given to dh and I in 2002. I doubt I will be able to part with all the memento's that I gained at the time of the births of my three babes and I will have to be extremely strict with myself as to which pictures, drawing, paintings and art that the children have lovingly done for me will get kept..... but it is a job that needs doing and one I will feel better for getting out the way.

Not only will I be clearing some physical space and clutter, I will also be clearing some room in my head, room for more great memories to be made. That is a major upside of being a parent -every second of every day is the chance to gain a new memory - like the family pic nic we plan to have this Saturday, the trip to Chessington next Sunday or even the walk with Nanny's dog tomorrow around the local lake.

What memories will you be making in the next week or so? Enjoy!

This post was written in response to this weeks Gallery prompt.
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