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Reemerging into the Glittering Glamour of the 80's

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The decade that exuded vibrant colours, synth melodies, and power suits continues to exude an irresistible charm that modern culture finds irresistible. Fashion, music, and TV shows from this decade have seen an enormous resurgence, positioning this timeless era as an endless source of creativity and innovation. But why does its spirit keep coming back into our lives?

Fashion in the 80s: Bold, Bright and Beautiful

The 80s was an explosion of color and extravagance, made even more memorable by eye-catching fashion statements that turned heads and set trends. From power suits with their oversized shoulder pads proclaiming corporate success to acid-washed jeans that signaled casual cool, every piece made a statement about its owner's character and individuality. Neon colors, leg warmers and spandex weren't simply fashion choices, they represented individuals showing boldness. Modern fashion houses have revived iconic 80s styles, proving that flamboyance never really goes out of style. A touch of 80s flair now injects our wardrobes with vibrancy while keeping alive its spirit of nonconformity. And don't forget about its legendary hairstyles, teased hair, mullets and feathered bangs, that defined an era and continue to influence modern hair trends.

Music from the 80s: Synthwave and Sensation

Would you want to capture the 80s in one sound? One that perfectly encapsulated its culture? No doubt the electronic hum of synthesizers. Led by pioneers like Depeche Mode and New Order, synthpop and new wave reigned supreme on charts everywhere and found their way into our hearts through danceable melodies. This decade was defined by both electric exuberance of pop and rebellious rock music. Today, synthwave is making a notable comeback, not just out of nostalgia but out of genuine appreciation for its unique textures that defined an era. Modern artists are creating modernized renditions of these vintage sounds, recreating classics while pushing boundaries. Synthwave is an unforgettable form of music which cannot be ignored, so grab your neon shades and dance like it's 1985 all over again.

Hair of the 80s: Big, Bold and Beautiful

The 80s hair was truly iconic. Volume was key with teased locks reaching dramatic heights and widths. Perms became the style du jour as tight coils created intricate yet unruly cascades on faces. Hairspray quickly became an indispensable daily must-have, giving celebrity looks like Madonna and David Bowie inspiration with its gravity-defying hold. From mullets to mohawks, the 80s celebrated bold experimentation and self-expression through hair. Today, 80s-inspired hairstyles can still be seen on runways and fashion magazines, further demonstrating that its fearlessness remains influential on modern beauty trends. Knowing how to use a hair crimper is already half the battle won. This decade was defined by creativity and taking risks, so don't be intimidated to channel your inner 80s icon with an unconventional hairstyle. Just make sure you have plenty of hairspray handy to hold it in place.

Entertainment in the 80s: Blockbusters to Breakdancing

The 80s was an era renowned for blockbuster cinema and innovative television shows like Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club and E.T. These timeless films helped define culture during that decade and remain beloved cinematic gems today. Television was also mesmerized by the allure of the 80s, giving rise to shows such as Knight Rider and Miami Vice that became icons of their era. Netflix and other streaming services have taken advantage of this enduring appeal by producing shows such as Stranger Things which serve as love letters to this landmark decade. This mix of suspense, innocence, and 80s hits creates an experience that transcends time, drawing in both old fans as well as younger audiences alike. Let us not forget MTV, which completely revolutionized both the music industry and popular culture, bringing superstar musicians like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince directly onto our television screens in all their glittering glory. But 80s entertainment wasn't defined solely by blockbusters films and music videos. There were other forms of media as well that contributed significantly. Breakdancing became an iconic part of street dance culture during this decade, becoming a worldwide phenomenon that revolutionized street dancing culture. Beginning in New York's Bronx neighbourhood and rapidly spreading worldwide through its flashy moves and acrobatic style, breakdancing quickly became part of 80s pop culture with influences being felt across fashion, music, film and video game productions alike.

Image Credit: Unsplash


The allure of the 1980s remains an inspiration in today's culture, drawing inspiration from its bold fashion choices, groundbreaking music, iconic entertainment and revolutionary hair styles. Reembracing this decade isn't simply about indulgence in nostalgia, rather it's recapturing all its enthusiasm and innovation as seen through neon sunglasses and synthpop tunes from that decade. One thing becomes very clear, its spirit simply can't fade away.

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