Friday 28 June 2019

How To Spend 5 Days In NYC

Photo Credit: Clay Banks at Unsplash
{This is a collaborative post}

As you may know, travelling can be great for the soul. But not only that, it can be great for your family dynamic too. Because when you travel together, you get to spend some valuable time together too. And not only that, but you get to make great memories too. This is why it’s great to go to new and adventurous places together, like New York City.

It’s easy to think that NYC isn’t the place for a family trip, but it certainly can be. There’s a lot going on in the city for families and kids can get just as excited over the magic of the big apple as you do! We definitely want to head there as a family in the not too distant future, Im just savign up at the moment.

Here’s how to spend five glorious days there -

Day One: Check In & Explore
Your first day can be a bit slow after a long flight; you just want to get settled in. No matter what time you arrive, make sure that you check into your hotel and try to adjust to the new time zone right away. Time is precious, so sticking with NY time is crucial. You’ll find that heading out to explore helps here.

Day Two: Sightseeing
When you wake up on day two, you may feel a little jet lagged, but you’ll also want to ensure that you’re able to make the most of the day. So push through and plan a day’s sight-seeing! There are lots of different family-friendly attractions in NYC that you can explore, along with the most notable. So think about the things that will make your time here as memorable as possible. Talk to friends who have visited before and check out family blogs for great ideas.

Image Credit: Meric Dagli at Unsplash

Day Three: Shopping
When in NYC, you have to hit the shops armed with your shopping list. Let the kids decide what they want to get as a treat or souvenir ahead of time too, so that they find exploring the New York stores exciting as well.

Day Four: See A Show
The next thing that you might want to add to your agenda is seeing an exciting Broadway show. However, as you may know, there are lots of different shows on at different times, so you have plenty of options. You can see what NYC tickets are available and make sure that you time your visit to NYC to coincide with a favoured show. Or alternatively, you can just look to see what shows are on during your stay, and make a choice that way. Let's be honest, you won't be disappointed, this is Broadway after all.

Day Five: Round It All Up
Finally, on your fifth day, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to scoop up any of the experiences that you haven’t done already. Maybe you didn’t get to see something on the second day? Or you want to go back and make a purchase you’ve been thinking about since day three? No matter what it is, today is the day to do it before you pack up and head on home. So make the most of this day, have fun, and then have a safe trip home.

I bet you're dreaming of a trip to NYC now, I know I am!

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