Wednesday 6 May 2020

Staying Home - Reasons to be Cheerful

Two baby goslings born this week

Staying home is definitely starting to feel like the new normal. I'm suspecting we have a few more weeks of this yet and then at least a year of getting used to a strange new normal again, where we can't meet in big groups and don't go out anywhere near as much as we used to.

Thankfully I have a beautiful home in an amazing place and this is making staying home a lot easier for us. I still have lots to do and plenty of space to move about it. Here are the things that have been making me feel extra cheerful in the last couple of weeks -

1)   Finding my enthusiasm for exercise again with Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD's and I've got myself a new Fitbit to keep track of my steps. I'm enjoying starting each day with a 35 minutes 2-mile walk aerobics session and this gets about 3500 steps on the clock to start the day. It's so much easier to do the exercise when you do it first thing!

2)   Escaping to the shops once a week to do chores for our family and others. It might be a bit weird going out at the moment, but I am enjoying being able to get in the car and have a short drive. It's also nice to know you are helping when you are getting shopping and prescriptions for others who can't go out. I took JJ with me on Saturday and we did our exercise around our local town where we shopped and it was nice to explore somewhere new.

in Battle woods, by the Abbey

3)   Discovering the local butcher. We've lived here for nearly 7 years now and there has always been a local butcher in the town but I thought he never had any stock as his window was always empty. I now find he never had the time to fill it and he has every cut of meat your heart desires in his walk n fridge. We've been enjoying some wonderful home-cooked meals with his meat.

4)   Loving Ticket to Ride board game. Miss E is a killer at it and manages to beat me every time, but it is such good fun playing.

5)   Last week I wrote a blog post about educational films for your teens to watch and really enjoying rewatching many of my recommendations, especially the Blind Side.

6)   I've also been making some fun little coronavirus survival kits to send to friends and family, to show them we care and they haven't been forgotten in this time. They seem to have been well-received and people have contacted me to say how much they like them.

7)   With mostly all of our volunteers going home, I am looking forward to getting stuck into the project to clean, sort and paint their houses ready for when the next cohort come later this year (hopefully!).

8)   I've been having some great walks here on-site and also in our local village. Often I take JJ with me and I love being able to chat with him and see the world through his eyes.

Wisteria outside the Oak dining room, at Ashburnham Place

There we go, it hasn't been bad and now I am off to the prayer centre for some quiet time and to reflect on what the future might hold for me and my family - big stuff!

How are you doing this week in lockdown?

Take care, Mich xx

I'm joining up with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for Reasons to be Cheerful, you can join in too if you fancy.

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