Thursday 26 July 2018

So Many Things to be Thankful For #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful is back to 'business as usual' this week after the very untimely death of Kate last week. I don't want to sound course but Kate would have loved to know that she has inspired so many people to think again about how they are living their lives and that she is inspiring them to be the best version of themselves, whether that means in body image or getting out there and grabbing all the opportunities that come their way.

In the main it has been an exciting and wonderful couple of weeks for my family. So much has been going on and I have loads to share for this weeks #R2BC.

1.  Girls birthday - my little (not so little) twinnies turned 11 and Miss E chose to go out with dh and I for bowling and a meal. Miss M chose to have a Saturday shopping trip with some school friends, she spent a load of money, they had Pizza Express for lunch, frappes in the morning and ice creams in the afternoon. They all had a ball!

2.  Ear Piercing - the girls both deemed themselves old enough to look after pierced ears, so they had them done a couple of weeks ago and had been looking after the well but I noticed one of Miss M's was looking red and was swollen. However after a course of antibiotics and moving to TCP for cleaning them, all is well and I am so thankful she didn't have to remove it as was feared.

3.  Girls finishing school - the young ladies are heading up to Secondary school in September and they had such fun with their end of primary school activities. Assembly, party, writing on each others shirts, mufti day, bring your wheels to school and their first manicure. In all it was a fab last week.

4.  Friday with JJ - as he finished school a day before the girls I got to have some alone time with him, which is always nice. We didn't do that much but it is just good to chat and be together. A coffee at the Orangery celebrating its fifth birthday, he then got a haircut and we went for lunch together as well.

5.  Lovely new pastoral group - we had a first fab meeting of our new pastoral group and it was really good fun. We had a  BBQ, played card games and then had a few games of Mafia. It was so nice that everyone got on and the kids all got involved and enjoyed the time too.

6.  Family holiday - we're away in Dorset at the moment, all my family and also my parents and brother. We have two caravans at the Shorefield Oakdene Forest Park site and it is ace so far, the only but.... is that it is too hot. I'm not used to Britain hitting 29/30 degrees!

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Next week #R2BC is back with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for the month of August. 

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