Thursday 25 January 2018

There is Always a Bright Side #R2BC

I've so wanted to write a 'meh' post this week. It's just the way I've felt, there is nothing majorly wrong but I've felt out of salts. I don't know if it has been part of recovering from my operation last week, or if it is my time of month or maybe because I'm getting a cold and feel a bit yucky.

It's just been one of those weeks, anything I've seen in the news, anything that has gone on with friends, little things that haven't gone to plan and any aches and pains I've felt have all just made me sad and grumpy. I wanted to write a 'life feels bleuugghh' post as there is so much talk of bloggers just presenting the best parts of their lives, of showing that everything is rosy and of course that's not real life. Well not for most of us anyway.

However, I've resisted that urge to write a big fat explosion of my grumps as I don't think it will help and it will make for pretty crap reading. So now I'm going to use Reasons to be Cheerful for the very reason I first started it back in 2011 and that is to look for the bright side. In amongst the stupid and annoying things that have made me grumpy this week there has of course been silver linings and here are a few of those blessings.

  • We believe my operation has been success. I say believe as only time will tell. I have a follow up appointment in May and hopefully won't need to be referred for anything else
  • I enjoyed a couple of days of proper rest last week after the operation. It was very nice to be waited upon and to head to bed whenever I felt like it
  • I had to buy a dressing gown to take into hospital as I didn't have one and I'm loving it. I got it in the sale from Debenhams for just £15 and it is super soft
  • I am loving reading at the moment, I am getting through a book at least every other week, it just transports me away 
  • My girls have joint a trampolining club and are loving it
  • JJ is as happy as Larry (whoever he might be) at Police Cadets and he is taking such pride in keeping his uniform nice, it is great to see
  • I just received an email to review a local pub that has been refurbished and I am very much looking forward to trying their food out
  • I met with a lady yesterday about volunteering at our local children's centre. You'll know that I already do some volunteering and I love it but the potential within this new role is vast and that feels very exciting
  • Only 3 weeks until Miss E and I go away for a night together to a fancy hotel, which was her Christmas present
  • Only 67 sleeps until our family heads to Spring Harvest at Butlins, Minehead. I love this 5 night break and we always have an amazing time as it combines our faith and being together as a family.
So there we go, I think I managed to turn it around and definitely I am going to spend Thursday being positive all day.

I meant to say #R2BC is back with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for the month of Feb.

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