Sunday 23 October 2016

Wake up Sleepyhead

I had an amazing morning at church today, so much fun. God really is good.

Before we even got to the sermon there was a clear word for me as Sarah, a lady I recognise but don’t really know came up the front to share a prophetic word. She talked of how God had told her a few weeks ago to take her frying pan and a wooden spoon into church and to go round banging it, telling people to wake-up. She didn’t feel this was an act of judgement though but an act of love, that Jesus couldn’t bear that so many of us where missing out.

It was so special hearing Sarah speak as she was crying and quite embarrassed by what God was asking her to do but she knew that it was from Him and therefore she must be obedient, however uncomfortable it was for her. She said she had been ‘a bag lady’ for the last few weeks as she had bought her frying pans and spoons with her but had not taken action and then God told her today was the day, so there she was sharing with us. She invited anyone who felt called to do so to borrow some spare pans she had and within moments about six people had gone to join her.

What followed was a very powerful time of worship as we sang ‘I’ll stand with arms high and hearts abandoned’ by Hillsong as the frying pans were clanged, people were clapping and whopping and of course we were singing at the tops of our voices with hands and hearts raised in awe.

But it didn’t end there. Then another guy came up the front, I don’t know his name but he delivered a message repeated from one he had given at the 7.30am prayer meeting and it tied in perfectly. He spoke about how God wants to wake each one of us and fill us with the Holy Spirit, about how all the ‘stuff’ I’ve allowed myself to be consumed with has pushed the Spirit out and taken the place He should have.

He spoke for quite some time with all of it resonating with me and giving me more and more clarity, but the only bit I could instantly link to a bible passage, was the following from Ephesians 5:14  (NIV) –

This is why it is said:

“Wake up, sleeper,
rise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you.”

I really felt God tell me I’ve been like someone in a diabetic coma. I have been dangerously close to death and He wants me back. No longer must food be my everything, I have to wake up to the reality that I WANT and NEED the Holy Spirit far more than I want excess food. I need to repent of my active rebellion. Why have I been choosing to act out like a naughty teenager?

He wants to wake me, fill me and send me to make a difference and that is what I yearn for to. To be useful. To make a difference. So repentance is the only way and not the kind of repentance that a child thinks of. It is not enough for me to say sorry for overeating, for getting heavier by the day, for putting my health at risk, for hiding away, for worrying my children. I have to repent in the true meaning of the word. I must make a 180 degrees turn and walk away from the source of my sin.

It is super simple what I have to do. But for me, it is not easy. So I have to WAKE-UP and rely on Him.

The serenity prayer has helped me in tough times before, so I need to get it printed off and pasted up in visible places to help keep reminding me to be strong in the Lord. I have to remember what it says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Simply put when I weak, He is strong.

We had loads more fabulous worship after this word and a song I don’t know too well, spoke so much to me – ‘Spirit of the Living God, Come fall afresh on me. Come wake me from my sleep’. So very apt, listen to it here, it is just beautiful.

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