Thursday 15 August 2013

My top 40 Reasons to be Cheerful (week 33, year 3) #R2BC

Happy Thursday or should I say happy birthday to me.  Can you guess why I might have chosen to share 40 reasons to be cheerful?

  1. JJ giving me flowers
  2. A beautiful meal out with dh on Tuesday
  3. A short overnight visit from my Mum and Dad
  4. Mum saying I look really relaxed and she is right, I am
  5. Dh enjoying his new job and getting involved in the community here
  6. Handmade birthday cards from my girls - made with love
  7. A day at the zoo with the kids today
  8. A carvery dinner for our family on my birthday
  9. A cream tea - super yum
  10. Meeting some new friends Saturday for a BBQ
  11. A family day out Sunday to look forward to
  12. A family holiday at the end of the month
  13. An amazing new home which is all coming together
  14. Friendly and warm neighbours
  15. Beautiful finds in a local store
  16. Getting more active and enjoying it
  17. A few pounds lost because of all the walking
  18. My Fitbit flex activty tracker which is allowing me to see my activity level and sleep pattern
  19. Time available every day to just Be
  20. Constant opportunities to join with like-minded people to worship and pray
  21. Living in a breath taking place
  22. Having so many trees for the kids to climb
  23. Discovering opportunities for me to be able to volunteer and help
  24. Being able to be on the beach in 15 minutes
  25. Collecting gorgeous pebbles from the beach
  26. Discovering new local places
  27. Two fabulous parks with lots for the kids to do
  28. Finding a great cafe with super food
  29. So much time with my kids
  30. Marching through the woods and collecting fir cones
  31. Giggles and tickles
  32. Playing Lego and watching a movie
  33. Family meal times and catching up on our days
  34. Snuggles on the sofa
  35. Taking lots of photos of the kids
  36. Working internet so I can catch up with the wider world
  37. Uniforms all bought and ready for the new school term
  38. Being back at number 13 in the Tots 100
  39. Having a wonderful community of on-line friends who are always there
  40. Running this linky and enjoying seeing you all each week
Now it is over to you - what is making you cheerful and grateful this week?

If you are new here, welcome.  Do go and have a read about why I started Reasons to be Cheerful and what I feel the key to happiness is. This is a very inclusive linky, it does not come with lots of rules. I just ask for common courtesy, write your post and link it up, say hi to me and then comment and say hi to a couple of other linked up bloggers. They should hopefully come and visit you too and we are all happy - comment love shared all round. I'll aim to get to everyone this weekend.

#R2BC Blogger of the week 

This weeks blogger of the week is C, she is one of those bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a number of years now and I'd really love to meet her. She talks so much sense and is really encouraging and very real. I love it that she does not just paint a glossy picture of life as a single Mum with three children. Her middle child Smiley has cerebral palsy and severe physical and intellectual disabilities and her youngest son has aspergers and you only have to read the post about Angel her oldest heading off to Africa to know how proud C is of her and how much of a help she is to her mum. You can read more at Looking for Blue Sky

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.  Mich x

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