Tuesday 4 June 2013

Micro Scooters - choose the MX Trixx or Speed V2?

There are so many scooters out there nowadays that it can be a bit hard to know which one to choose. Even when you have whittled it down to choosing from just one brand, like Micro Scooters there are still an abundance of options.

The children were bought their first Mini Micro scooters (thank you Nanny and Grandad) when my girls were just 3 years old and they loved them. Nowadays they can start much younger as they do different seating and handle options to make them suitable for 1 plus years.

Although Micro Scotters are on the costly side of things I soon learned it was a false economy for us to buy any other brand as JJ went through 3 scooters in the time that the girls had their Mini Micros and even when they upgraded to the Maxi Micro scooters last summer their small ones got passed onto a friend and her kids are still using them now.  They are built to last and continue to give a great smooth ride.

The girls on their Maxi Micros last month - they go everywhere with us!

About six weeks ago JJ was sent two Micro Scooters to try out as his older one had been stolen. He was over the moon. We wrote up our review of the Micro Scooter Speed V2 a couple of weeks ago and since then JJ has been using the MX trixx white edition scooter and comparing the two, here are his findings -

Speed V2
Age range
7 years upwards
5-12 years
Styling  (is it cool?)
Designed for
Leisure scooting
Tricks and stunts
Comfort of handlebar height
Height adjustable handlebars
Yes (height 68cm up to 98cm)
No (total height of scooter – 77cm)
Smoothness of ride
Comfort of ride on the feet for long rides
Ease of scooter handling bumps in the path
Comfort of handgrips
(but give more grip)
Brake (effectiveness)
360 spin of deck
Yes, quick and smooth
Total weight of scooter
3.8 kg
Footplate/ deck
Wide and comfortable for large feet (JJ is a  size 7 & still plenty of room)
More narrow
Length 47cm x Width10cm
Specifically made for tricks and is drilled to reduce weight, 3% concave, 82.5* angle
145mm diameter
including Shock Dampening System.
Large for a faster ride
5 Star Metal Core 100mm, 87 A Shore PU with ABEC 7 Bearings
Ease of putting together/ opening for first time
Folds for storage/ travel
Yes, easily

JJ came to the conclusion, that for him as a tall 9 year old (he is just shy of 150cm) he likes the Speed V2 scooter best as it is the most comfortable ride for all the leisure scooting he does. I tried really hard to get him to do some tricks but bunny hops was about as far as he got as he really is a bit of a scardy cat (not that I said that to him).

He loved the actual ride on the MX Trixx and said that it was far smoother and could cope with bumps in the path much better but he liked the bigger footplate and brake better on the V2. If he could make his own he would take parts from each.

To be honest it really does depend on what your child will use the scooter for, as to which is the best to choose. The MX Trixx would be good for both leisure scooting and tricks if they are shorter than JJ and you don't mind them just slamming the scooter on the floor (as there is no stand). The white handlebar grips were getting quite dirty after just a week but the overall styling is great - really cool.

As I am not very knowledgeable about the world of tricks on scooters, I'll let you watch this lad explain the features on the MX Trixx. From what I understand this is a small version of a pro tricks scooter and it is packed with features.

Anything negative with the MX Trixx?
Overall I think this is a fantastic starter scooter for a youngster who wants to get into tricks. The only gripe I have is that the instructions were rubbish and it was hard to get the clamp to tighten enough to make the scooter safe. I could not manage this at all and had to get my husband to help. Once tightened it has been perfect but I would not want to take it apart again!

Disclosure: We were provided with 2 scooters for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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