Sunday 6 May 2012

Proud Mummy Moments and Chalk and Cheese Updated.

Anyone that reads my blog or knows me in real life will know that I have chalk and cheese twinnies.  Very little about them is similar and nowadays people generally do not even realise they are twins at all, Miss M is 7cm taller than Miss E after all.

I find twins absolutely fascinating and whilst I know that fraternal twins (like my girls) share no more genes with each other than either of them would with JJ, my illogical mind still tells me that they should be more alike, they did share a tummy for 8 months after all. As a wonderful reminder I try to post a chalk and cheese update every so often and this one is an early 5th birthday edition.  In just 2 months my girls will turn 5 and that feels like we are reaching a big milestone.

Miss E - also known as Pops, Popsey, Small Poppet

Looks - 111cm, very long dark blonde silky smooth hair with natural highlights. Every adult I know is jealous of Miss E's hair.  Very delicate petite frame but gorgeous soft belly!

Enjoys - Drawing, painting, cutting and sticking, riding her scooter, bouncing on a trampoline

Can be seen - Stamping her feet, crossing her arms and pouting if she feels hard done by. Wiggling her hips and twirling her hair if she has something she wants to tell you. Getting all flustered and embarrassed if she thinks she has got something wrong.

Favourite clothes - Pink Hello Kitty dress. She says she likes to wear dressed best because they are pretty.

Likes to eat - She says her favourite is squirty cream from a can! (great). She likes pasta best for dinner and weetabix for breakfast.  She is also pretty egg mad!

General Character - Very loving and giving. Happy to snuggle up on the sofa and watch some TV with Mummy, wants to help around the house, has become particularly good at using the dustpan and brush. Feels like the true baby of the family. happy to apply herself to a task for ages but finds things like reading incredibly difficult.

Proud Mummy Moments - Getting over her fears and doing show and tell at school, writing a card for her nanny which was excellent, persevering at gymnastics when she found it so nerve-wracking at first. Being able to express herself without whining.

Miss M, also known as MM and other short forms of her name

Looks - 118m tall, tallest in her class, very slim and firm frame, not an ounce of fat on her. Light golden blond hair that is finally getting a bit thicker but is still all over the place!

Enjoys - Gymnastics, riding her scooter, bounicng on the trampoline, playing make-believe, wrapping up presents (oh yes hundreds of them!), running round like a looney.

Can be seen - shouting at her brothers and sisters as she thinks she is at least 10 years older than them and it is her place to tell them off! Huffing and making a 'bothered' face when you tell her off, running towards you at the speed of light and then launching at you for a big cuddle. Saying 'I'm hungry', it is a regular theme with Miss M, it must be all that energy she burns off.

Favourite Clothes - Likes to wear leggings with a long top or dress over the top. She has a real eye for style and often adds a belt or jewellery to finish off her outfit.

Likes to eat - Nearly everything in sight, Miss M is a bit of a dream she likes all those things that kids do not like - salad, pulses, liver, seeds, nuts. She says her favourite food to eat is cheese.

General Character - Miss M has mellowed and grown up so much in the last 6 months, this child used to make me pull my hair out as she was so testing but she is now listening and responding.  She is great fun to be around, constantly signing and moving around, happy to give you a cuddle but is then on the move again quickly.  Very bright and finds new things easy to pick up but can get bored easily and lacks application.

Proud Mummy Moments - mastering her reading skills, becoming more disciplined and listening to us, leaving behind her mischievous ways and tidying her room without constantly badgering.

So there you go, very different as you can see and logically as you would expect.  I am super proud of my girls recent developments and don't mind shouting them out!

How about you, what have your kids been up to lately?  Go on, share in the comments and shout out about your proud mummy moments.  Sometimes it is really refreshing to have a little boast about our kids!

I am linking this post up to the Multiples Mayhem, carnival which will be at Multiple Mummy's later this week.
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