Sunday 26 February 2012

#Mumentum: Focus Shrink and Pray

Mumentum at New Mum Online

This post will be short and sweet as I am dead tired and I need to sleep if I want to get up and exercise tomorrow morning, which I do.

The week started off as a week to shrink my stomach by eating my 3 meals a day and not snacking and also a week of remembering to pray and ask God for help when I am finding it hard.  The first part of the week was good and the weekend not so much so but I will not give up.  This is the difference I am finding at the moment, I want to keep going.  Even when things are not perfect I will not declare that it is too hard for me.  This is for the long haul and one day I will be slimmer and healthier.

The Successes -
  • I have not eaten chocolate or anything containing chocolate since the start of Lent (last Wednesday).  This is massive for me.  I won't say I haven't missed it but I did manage to say no to Hotel Chocolat chocolates when offered to me at the weekend. Thanks for this are due to the Chocoholics Cure #Slimpod and of course God.
  • I went to my Pilates session and loved it as per usual, I also did my DVD 3 times in the week.
  • I have not been jumping on and off the scales all week. I am not even sure what I weight right now but I do not feel as if I have lost any weight really, so I'll weigh next week.
The Failings -
  • Saturday and Sunday in general.  Enough said.  No exercise and rubbish food and too much of it.
  • I had 3 stupidly late nights in a row, 12.30am,1am and 12.30am.  Why, Mich, Why?
So this week I am focusing on exercising 5 times, sticking with my structured meals and not eating on my emotions with the aim of shrinking my stomach. Also, going to bed all week at a decent time and handing my rubbish over to God and seeking His help.

How are you doing?

Link up with #Mumentum to share in the support with others mums trying to lose their tums.  I have also joined up with Bod For Tea and a few other bloggers with the aim of getting fit for BritMums Live in June. Wish us luck...
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