Thursday 14 July 2011

#R2BC - The Glad Game Edition - Wk 28

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

About a year ago I wrote a blog post entitled An Attitude of Gratitude.  Go and have a read, it won't take long.  Did you watch the clip of Pollyanna and the Glad game?  Isn't it just fab?  Even when times are tough we all have things to be glad for.

At the moment things are a bit stressful here, nothing in comparison to many others but the combination of my house being infested with cloth eating moths, work being ultra busy with very pressing deadlines, it being the girls birthday and all the induction stuff with them starting school in September I have had a few arrgghhh days.

So now is the time to play the glad game -
  1. The moth infestation means I have ripped up all my upstairs carpets and now we will have to have new ones.  No idea where the money will come from, but won't my house look lovely?  I am also going to do some painting, makes sense while we have no carpets.
  2. The moth infestation means I am washing and cleaning every piece of material item that we own, a big job!  I have 3 wardrobes and 7 drawers alone and there are 5 of us and an airing cupboard!  I am sorting things to go to charity and seriously streamlining, a job that completely needs doing so I can feel in control.
  3. We were due to go out for family fun on Saturday and then have a family party on Sunday for the girls birthday but sadly they will not happen as we will be stripping, cleaning and washing all the rooms in our house.  However, my parents are still coming up and will help with the cleaning and have some fun with the kids at the school fete.
  4. I have enjoyed working at home the last couple of days, although my deadline is tight the work is very satisfying.
  5. My girls loved their birthday party with their little twinnie friends on Tuesday and that is what matters!
  6. My JJ got his school report today and lets just say he is a clever little superstar.  He has been identified as talented for ICT.  He is just finishing year 2 and all his grades were above average and some even came in at the level expected of year 3 or even 4 students.
  7. I am going back to my eating disorders (ED) meeting tonight. I am ready to tackle my weight again and take back control of my life. I used my Thinking Slimmer #Slimpod last night for the first time and all is well.
So there is me.  All busy at Mummy from the Heart's... House!

Over to you, what is making you cheery this week? If you are new to Reasons to be Cheerful, then check out HERE and then link up a cheery post from the last week.

Thanks for joining in, leave me some comment love. Visit others and leave them some comment love and don't forget to tweet with #R2BC. I must apologise for not getting to all your posts last week, the above things I have mentioned are what prevented me doing what I wanted to.  I really will try hard this week but cannot promise as it is going to take me a couple of weeks or so to sort my house and the moth problem.  Stick with me and I'll get back to normal and come and offer you all some comment love.

Do leave me a comment if anyone would like to guest host #R2BC in August/ September.  It would be nice to share it about a bit to the regulars. I'll provide the code for the badge and the linky to go in the post. I already have one super volunteer.

Enjoy the week!  Mich x

Linking up to Maxabella's as well, over in Oz, so join up there too and make some new friends across the other side of the world!

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