Friday 13 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 - Week 19

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Evening all.  How are you all on this fine evening?  I am hoping it has been a good day for you, it certainly has for me and that takes me straight on to my first #R2BC.

1.  I have been to #blogcamp today in London and it was amazing.  I met so many bloggers that I tweet with and it is great to finally meet them all.  Thanks to @swhittle and her team for a super (and free, well apart from the £80 nursery fee and £25 train fare!) day and as for those cupcakes from Sweet Things, well they were just to die for!

2.  You lot!  Yes I am talking to you.  19 weeks ago I started a linky and every week at least a few people turn up and join in.  I feel so happy knowing that a few extra smiles are on people's faces as a result of reasons to be cheerful.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support.

3.  This little pixie!

4. and this one too....

They are both growing so fast and their personalities are fully coming into evidence now.  Miss E once known as Poppet has some testing little qualities too now,  poppet no longer cuts it!

5.  This teddy monster who is becoming a mature little chap and really seems to be growing up. He helped me with his first Vlog this week and I think he did a great job, go on leave him a comment, he wants to read them all himself!  Yes that is a picture of him at a Build a Bear Workshop and he will be vlogging that too!  Get them working for their freebies I say!

6.  How could I be grateful for my kiddies without being grateful for the one who helped create them.  I dreamed about him again last night, not a saucy one this time but one that really made me realise that the man I want, is the man I have!

Quite why he is promoting Costa - who knows!
You know the drill, I turn it over to you now.  What has made you cheerful/ grateful/ happy this week?  Leave a comment, link up a blog post or your facebook page.  Tweet with #R2BC so we can find each other and share the blogger love with some comments. If you want the code for the badge or to find out anything else about #R2BC then check out HERE.

Love you all, Mich x

Ohh and did you know it is delurker week on Mummy From The Heart...?

If you are a frequent lurker or if this is your first time stopping by, do leave a comment and say hi (I have anon commenting allowed, so you do not have to log in even). If you have a blog I'd love to visit you and will commit to do so and if you don't have a blog then it would just be nice to get to know those who are reading! Thanks again. Mich x
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