Wednesday 11 May 2011

5 parenting lessons my husband needs to learn!

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I have a pretty fab hubbie, I have told you this before and even sung his praises in the daddying stakes but you know what there are still a few parenting lessons that he needs to learn.  Those essential ones that us mummies took on board ages ago.  Let me share these lessons with you for it might be that you need to direct your husbands here to have a read!-

Lesson 1
That you  take your eyes off the kids at your own peril! Last Wednesday I needed to work so good old hubbie took the day off to look after our kids (see I told you he was great!) but before it even got to the time to drop JJ to school at 8.45am I understand the girls had already emptied a jar of sugar across the kitchen and playroom.  Why? because daddy had measured it out for a demo at cubs that night and silly daddy, he left it on the side in the kitchen like a little invitation to Miss M to make mischief!

Lesson 2
Along the same lines as lesson 1 but even more scary! Never be lulled into thinking that silence when you have 2 three year olds in the house is a good sound! It is the most dangerous (non) noise! Twin three year olds can empty a whole tub of talcum powder, nick all their brothers stickers and use them up; drown the bathroom, flood the toilet with loo roll, cut their hair off, draw on important documents and all in under a minute.  Yes, really they have done all of these things for daddy.  We are so proud!

Lesson 3
If you want a happy house and no mischief made by the twinnies you have to lead them in their activities.  You do not necessarily have to constantly play with them but you have to set up their environment and plan.  It is just like work really, you set tasks for your staff.  Their tasks are just a bit simpler - 1/2 hr playdoh, tidy time, snack time, 1/2 hr duplo, 1 hr at the park and lunch etc.  I learnt a while back that 1/2 hr of peace on my laptop meant taking the consequences of an hours clean up operation!

Lesson 4
That going out can be far less work than saying in. Some days with even the best will in the world the twins play havoc with any order you set, so the solution is to get them out the house - anywhere!  They are quite happy to be out and chatting and walking.  The adding bonus is that the house stays tidy and wifey is so happy when she returns home.

Lesson 5
That letting your son watch you play cityville on facebook is not classed as good entertainment. Yes I know he enjoys it and you enjoy it too but believe me when I say that it is far better for you both to go for a bike ride, do some boy stuff or play a more traditional game together.  It is teaching him strategising skills?  really? what every day?

And most importantly...
That your wife really appreciates you trying, even though you do stuff differently to me I have come to a place where I can appreciate that you put the effort in for me and that is enough to make me have a big smile. I love you xx

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