Sunday 10 April 2011

Boys Being Boys!

I have mentioned before that I am a bit lucky in my choice of father for my kiddies.  I did well!

Dh is fabulous with all the 3 children and seems to have far more patience than I do.  I can not knock the fun he has with them and the places he takes them but by the far the thing I absolutely love to watch most is his very special relationship with JJ. If I was not so confident that my little man adored me I could feel quite left out.  Given the choice JJ would spend all his time with dh  but really - how perfect is that?  It is so important for boys that they have strong manly role models in life.  Real men who are not afraid to show all their facets.

How amazing it is to watch two men (one big and one still very small) who almost look identical go off with their heads buried together plotting their activities for the day and they have such boyish fun together. Dh is a Cub leader you see, he has been for about 10 years now and since JJ was about 3 or 4 years old he has gone off and done 'boys things' with dh.  They go trekking, bike riding, camping, explore museums, climb trees, pot hole, rock climb etc etc.

Camp 2008

Yesterday was one of those special days.  At 9am I dropped the boys off to dh's scout hut and they spent 12 hours with about 30 other Beavers, Cubs and Scouts having the most fun ever. I just had to share some pictures with you. So today we do not have a #silentsunday post but a Superb Saturday's fun!

I only wish the girls were a little older and then we all could have had so much fun yesterday, but let's be honest the boys spending the time together is so important too!

Have you got a boy? Yes, have they got a strong man in their life to show them the way?
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