Sunday 17 October 2010

Sunday Snippets

Marilyn over at Pure Unadulterated Softthistle has started a great new blog hop. So I thought I would support her and join in. Go and visit and check out some great blogs.

Us bloggers tend to view everything that happens in our lives or the things said to us as good blog fodder. The problem being that if we blogged everything we would be writing 10 post a day, every day and most would only have 2 or 3 lines. So Marilyn's idea is that we will keep all these snippets and post them together at the end of the week = Sunday Snippets - Get it? I think it is a great idea.

So here are the snippets this week from our house -
Upon picking JJ up from camp last Sunday:
JJ - So Mummy, Has Miss E got chickenpox?
Me – No darling the doctor says she has a virus
JJ – Don’t be silly, only computers get viruses!! (21st century kids hey?)

I turn the radio on and UB40 and Chrissie Hyde start to sing ‘I got you babe’.
This was the classic response from JJ. This sounds like the Zingzilla’s Mummy!
Does it babe???? Lmao

Lying in bed with Miss E reading her a story:
Miss E – This is special, just for me and you Mummy, cos we is best friends.
Me – Yes sweetie, you have been a good girl.
Miss E – Not Miss M, she very naughty. What we do with her Mummy? Dustbin?
Then in bed together on another evening. Having a goodnight cuddle:
Miss E - Mummy you stay in my bed forever
Miss M - Yes forever and ever in our bedroom
Miss E - No Miss M, Daddy get lonely, Mummy has to sleep in his bed!
Driving to town the other day:
JJ - You see that S on that car Mummy? Do you know what it means?
Me - No babe, what?
JJ - It means they are stupid. Daddy said S is for stupid driver!
Ohh good, thanks dh for teaching our son this!
Sitting watching Nick Junior with Nanny:
Miss M - My want that, My want that, May what that (at every advert that comes on)
Nanny - Oh maybe for Christmas
Miss M - Yes, My want everything Nanny
So true!
The girls have a new game. It is great! They call it camper van. Basically it means they strip their beds and their bookcase and put a ton of toys, clothes, bed covers etc etc in a big pile and pretend to be driving in their camper van. Look how happy they are - How can I argue?

At Church today we were encouraged to shout out our thanks to the Lord for all he provides. JJ wanted to shout thank you God for sweets and chocolate. I giggled when he told me this and he said 'Maybe I better change it to thank you God for fruit and vegetables'! He gave a few of us a good chuckle.
In the car on the way to swimming lesson, I am happily singing along to Perfect 10 by Beautiful Soft. I sing all the time, I always have done:
JJ - Mum you can actually sing - can't you?
Me -Well I try my best.
JJ - Yes, your voice really suits this song.
Why thank you babe, So glad it only took 7 years for you realise my talents!
We made our Operation Christmas Child Show boxes on Sunday. The kids had a ball, though Miss M is not too pleased to be parting with her box. She suggests we make a new one for the other kids! I'll be posting later this week showing how you can make up your own shoe box for a needy child. Come back and check it out. It is quick, simple, fun and does not cost much to us but means the world to a needy child.
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