Saturday 16 October 2010

Being A Twin.....

Being a twin is a fab thing!

Here are some of the reasons why being a twin must be great, as observed by me -

* Someone to wipe your nose for you (yes they grab tissues and do each others noses) or more recently they have even wiped each other bums....
* Someone to kiss you or stroke you when you cry, who needs a Mum when you have a twin?
* Someone to always play with (or fight!).

* Someone to lay the blame on - 'No Mummy Miss E did it, she took JJ's toy!'
* Bath time is far more fun when there is someone to tip jugs of water over....
* When you do not fancy sleeping, there is someone to giggle with in your bedroom.
* A double size wardrobe - you always have something to wear! (unless of course you are boy/ girl twins!)
* You never get lonely in the buggy or the car.
* Everyone wants to chat to you in your buggy and tell you how cute you are as there are two of you. Sadly this goes as the kids get older, especially if like mine they look different.
* Someone who will share their food with you. You like meat, I like potatoes, yay double portions of just the bits we really like if we swap.
* If you do not fancy speaking, there is someone who will answer for you. Or sometimes as is the case here, you may fancy speaking but your twin (or big brother for that matter) has already jumped in and answered for you!
* Someone to share your first day at school or nursery with! No need to be nervous, you have got your twin!
* You can make twice the mess in half the time! 4 hands are definitely better than two when it comes to destruction!

I am sure there are many more, it is so lovely to watch them interacting and growing together. Being a twin is a very special thing, being a twin Mummy is a massive privilege. I do hope my beauties will be good friends forever.

I expect when they are older I might be doing the exact opposite post to this, why it is a nightmare to have a twin..... she nicks your clothes, your boyfriend, is always in your bedroom etc etc

The majority of this post was originally published back 15 May 2009 before my blog was open and people read it. I have re-posted this (and amended it to update) to join in with the Multiples Mayhem blogging carnival being held over at Mari's World on 25 October 2010.
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