Thursday 21 October 2010

Notes To Myself.....

Dear Mich,

I have a few things I want to say to you, so sit back and listen. Listen good girl, as I am getting a bit fed up with you and frankly I have to be with you 24/7 so we need to be getting along!

Remember this important lesson - It is not nice to be a bitch!

When you were at work on Tuesday talking about a colleague, thinking that they had gone home, they hadn't - they were just in another part of the office and I expect they may have heard everything you said. Now this in itself is not a real problem as everything you said was true and probably things that the person needed to hear. They are hard to approach and unfortunately their unpredictability or seemingly bad moods does create an atmosphere in the office. However, you may have really offended or hurt this person in the unprofessional way you were talking. You were in short Mich, being a bitch. There the truth has been spoken.

I know you are sorry now for the way this happened and this important lesson has been learnt. It is never your aim to hurt people and because of that you won't be doing this again in a hurry - will you? If you can not say anything nice - keep your mouth shut and frankly Mich you do not need to be involved in everything - mind your own business!


Go and see the doctor if you are worried about your fingers. No, it is not normal to have 2 fingers and your thumb constantly hurting when you try to bend them. My totally untrained opinion is that it might be the start of arthritis, I know you feel you are too young but either that or RSI. Don't go goggling girl as you will just scare yourself, go and see the doc and get an informed opinion please.

I am happy to see you have not been on twitter this week. You know you do not really enjoy it, 140 characters is never going to be enough for you! Continue with your blog and talk to your friends - email, facebook, real life. You have tons of them, no need to search for validation or community in any other way.

In the same vein, I am pleased you have given yourself the OK to be away from this blog for a few days. It has been good to just be and to chill, watch some TV, spend time with my hubbie and family. Blogging is not the be all and end all, it amazes me how much this can absorb your life.

Right onto the subject you keep trying to avoid. You need to start being focused on your eating and get yourself a food sponsor again. You had the realisation tonight of who you should ask. So ask her, get planning your food and get abstinent again. Wouldn't it be nice to be a bit slimmer for the Xmas party season? You know you feel fat and yuck right now.

You know that once you start to do the footwork God will start to take care of things in this area and the sponsor that you crave will make them self known to you. The future is bright, you just need to do some work to make sure all the good things happen.

You know that when you are in the food, you can be a crap person to be around, especially for your kids. Shouting is just not nice and NOT necessary. Note this Mich and live it. Love them and they will learn to love. Just think of that verse you published a short while back.

Right I think that is enough of a talking to. I have got your attention haven't I Michelle? Yes, well let me just also say to balance all this shit that most of the time you are pretty ace. You love your kids, hubbie and family and you appreciate all they do for you and you show them love. That's a really good start.

Keep working Mich.......

Cheers. enjoy the weekend. Mich x
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