Friday 15 January 2010

What makes me Mummy......

(This equally could apply to Daddy too as we do have a very good Daddy in this house but seeing as I am writing this then it is all about me, me, me!!)
  1. sewing badges on JJ's beaver outfit
  2. kissing the small people when they get hurt and putting on the special cream/ plaster
  3. praying for them to grow up to be happy and rounded people
  4. being a taxi driver and dropping JJ to clubs and parties
  5. getting the best cuddles from the kids
  6. going into their rooms at night once they are sleeping and tucking them in, giving them the final kiss while they look all tranquil
  7. having to discipline them when they go off the rails and wishing I could ignore it but knowing I am doing them no favours if I do
  8. and of course having given birth of them. They came from this still large and flabby tummy, at least something good came from it.
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