Tuesday 19 January 2010

If only I could bottle it.

I was driving to work this morning and thinking about how yummy my kids are at the moment. Specifically I was thinking about the chatting that Miss M and Miss E do now. Their speech is coming on leaps and bounds and they can really have a chat now. I picked them up from nursery yesterday and rather than asking the staff if they slept in the day I asked them and it amazed me that they could give me a good description of what had gone on in the day.

Miss E calls me darling. Have I mentioned that before? I adore it. It is something she started a few months ago, mimicking me and now I even ask her to call me it as it just melts me. She has this funny little voice and sounds Mediterranean, yesterday I was even 'my darling'. I really hope I am always her darling.

It is that special feeling of wonder and amazement that you get when your children do something for the first time. You know, your heart swells, life feels just a little lighter and you give them a big bear hug........ that is what I want to bottle. I felt a little sad this morning that my girls were growing up and soon their speech would be non stop and would probably annoy the h*** out of me and I would not get to stop and look on in awe as they chatter away together. That is the beauty of twins, everything that a small child does as they grow is exaggerated and you get to watch it happening in stereo.

I realise I must not be sad as every age has something special for you to learn and go through with your child. I think it is just far easier to notice their development when they are little like my twinnies but not so easy to see their emotional or spiritual development when they are bigger like JJ. I must remember to take time to reflect on the kids more and to enjoy those special moments that pass so quickly. In the car earlier I listened to Snow Patrol and Chasing cars and that line 'if I just lay here' struck me and yes that is what I need to do sometimes, stop and pause..
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