Saturday 23 January 2010

Songs and Stories Meme

Another meme (I love them - are you fed up with them yet?), this one is to try and identify a song which tells a story for me, one that takes me back in time to a certain place. I was tagged by Sandy at Baby Baby for this meme which originated from Fraught Mummy. Have I mentioned Sandy's blog before? It is one of the earlier ones that I found and it is excellent, I really like her style - very honest and fully inclusive.

This was not an easy meme for me, as I mentioned the other day I am not really an objects person. Much more so that I rely on my memories and songs always form a big part of those. So when faced with choosing just one song it has taken me days to think about this - literally!

I have literally taken another walk through my life the last few days thinking of all different songs. Here is a brief summary -
  • Adam and the Ants, Stand and deliver - my first record purchase
  • Wham, Bad Boys - in my friend Mandy's bedroom dreaming of meeting George Michael!
  • Pet Shop Boys, West End Girls, age 14 hanging out with the girls who lived in West End! lol We thought that was so cool, a song about their village!
  • Sister Sledge, We are Family - with all my best girl friends at Uni
  • Bon Jovi, I will always love you - the first time my heart was seriously broken
  • Otis Redding, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - 1994/5 - listening to this in the dark at night, cuddling my boyfriend (now dh) after a very long hard day working in a hotel
  • Tina Turner, Simply the Best - my karaoke song. I adore singing!
  • Will Smith, Men in Black - a fab Holiday to Spain with dh in the early days
  • Eric Clapton, You look wonderful tonight - the first song at our wedding, sang to me by dh as we danced
  • John Lennon, Beautiful Boy - for my baby JJ, born 2003
  • and I can not think of a tune for my girls - I will have to ponder on that
So after lots of thinking the song I decided to choose is Cliff Richard's Living Doll. This is another song played at my wedding and danced to by my Dad and I. As a small kid we always had music on a Sunday night and we danced together and this is a song that symbolises my Dad and me. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and I am very lucky to have them. I think it goes without saying that many women have a great relationship with their Mum and are close but I am lucky enough to also be really close to my Dad. As a child I was often referred to as Doll, Doll Doll, or Dolly and now my Miss M get called the same and as she has been told it was my childhood name she also calls me Doll Doll sometimes - very cute.

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