Sunday 21 June 2009

Worship to bless God and not to satisfy me!

There was a good sermon at church this morning, the youth and worship pastor led it and I can really relate to what he spoke about. He talked of us worshipping to bless God and doing it for God as it pleases him and not because we want to, or because it satisfies a need for us. It is just plain rude when we pick and choose which song or style or music we like and only join in at our convenience.

Boy, could I relate to this. I have been so guilty of this in the past. I can remember myself saying that I hate a particular song, or won't sing as I do not know this one etc etc. I hope to be far more conscious of this in the future and to just really give my couple of hours each week at church to God to bless him as he is sovereign and rules. I really love to sing and I must try to do more of it, just because God loves to hear me and to know that I am thinking of him.
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