Friday 12 June 2009

Tired Friday, end of week 7

Just a quick post, feeling very tired and I ought to stop sitting at the PC. Been a busy day with the kids - just playing and sorting stuff. We are off to Butlins on Monday and I am getting very excited now - 5 adults and 3 kids - yay they are outnumbered at last! Dh and I will actually get some together alone - how lovely, some cuddles!

ED meeting was good last night, we covered step one, so that was just needed for me. I realise I must learn to surrender and stop being focused on the weight loss and realise that once I accept I need to stop eating compulsively and turn it over to God, the rest follows. I will keep working at it. Taking my literature with me next week.

Weighed yesterday morning, the scales were saying 15st 11lb, so I am now about 2 stone lighter than before I feel PG with the girls. That is wonderful but I have to remember to focus on abstinence to keep it going. Will try and post properly over the weekend, but if life gets in the way, then I will see you in about a week - have a good one!
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