Sunday, 1 May 2011

Silent Sunday & The Gallery all rolled into one!

I got my gorgeous hubbie to take this picture for Silent Sunday as I wanted a picture to sum up all the fun I have been having the last couple of weeks with all my family.  I posted it here in the proper Silent Sunday format, you know the drill - 1 picture, no words and then I saw the theme for Tara's gallery this week and this picture completely sums up my April!  So as Jay is on a well earned rest and I am not linking up on her blog I thought I would be a tad naughty and combine my Silent Sunday picture with my Gallery entry for this week!  I am pretty sure Tara 'what are rules?' Cain won't mind  but I am running a bit scared that Jay might boot me off next weeks Silent Sunday (only joking!)

So for me April was all about family fun.  I have had the most wonderful month - on holiday at Spring Harevst and having loads of time off work with my kids. To be honest if April is as good as it gets in 2011 then I have done well!

What about you, how has your April been?  Surely this lovely UK weather must have helped just a bit?

If you click the badge you will reach Jay's Silent Sunday post.  Check out the #SilentSunday hashtag on twitter to see all the other great posts!

Click the Gallery badge to get to Tara's blog and see all the fab entries linked up there or check out #TheGallery

I hope you have enjoyed Easter and the bank holiday days off as much as I have!  Mich x

Silent Sunday

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