Sunday 9 July 2023

What’s Stopping You Live Your Best Life?

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{This is a collaborative post}

Everyone knows that they only get one life in this world. The problem is that actually feeling that, and doing everything you can do to live your best life, is often easier said than done. After all, there are plenty of things that can hold you back from feeling the full sense of wonder that life can bring. Even relatively small things, such as an injury or illness, can stop you from reaching your full potential. The good news is that there’s nearly always a way to overcome the matters that hold you back. We’ll explore some of the common obstacles below, as well as offer some guidance on how to overcome them.


If you’ve ever been heartbroken, then you’ll know that it can very much make you feel like it’s the end of the world. It’s virtually impossible to believe that life will ever be OK again, let alone imagine a scenario where you’ll be walking on clouds. While the end of a relationship will feel awful, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Things can and will get better with time. Plus, in a sense, you should be grateful that you’ve had the experience. There’s nothing more human than the crushing weight of a broken heart.

Injury Problems

It’s difficult to live life to the fullest when you have physical ailments. If you’ve been in an injury that dramatically changes your body’s capabilities, then it could take a while before you’re back feeling at your best. But you’ll get there. The process of moving forward will differ depending on the circumstances. To some people, it’ll involve working with a personal injury lawyer to get the financial compensation that they're entitled to. For others, it’ll mean working with a physical therapist to slowly get their body back to its best. Whatever it is, remember that your physical condition does not have full control over your enjoyment of life.

Looking to the Past

It’s difficult to live your best life if you’re continually looking to the past. Your past may have been bright, but if you look in that direction too much, then you’ll be liable to become a little dissatisfied with what you currently have — and you may miss some opportunities to do great things in the future. If you find yourself looking backwards a little too much, snap yourself out of it, and look at creating new memories in the coming months. The past is done — it’s the future that counts!

Toxic People

Finally, it’s worthwhile looking at who you’re spending time with, and making sure that they really have your best interests at heart. You’ll need support from your nearest and dearest friends if you’re going to reach your full potential. If they’re not providing that, or, worse, they’re actively trying to hold you back, then you may be better leaving them behind or at least not letting yourself be quite as influenced by them. Good friends will want to see you fly high and far.

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