Sunday 10 March 2019

Visiting The Llama Park, Forest Row, Sussex

Tween feeding a llama

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took our twin girls over to The Llama Park, it's about an hours journey from us, but it is a pretty easy one. We had a pleasant few hours there, taking a walk, feeding the animals and enjoying a snack.

The regular price for a family of 2 adults and 2 children is £25 and I think this is a bit steep for what there is. We got a deal on Wowcher, which was £6 for an adult and a child, so we paid £12 entry for the four of us and that felt about the right price.

2 llamas

What Animals are There?
At the park there are llamas, alpacas, sheep, horses, goats, donkeys, pigs, a reindeer and many different types of ducks, geese etc. All the animals are in fairly close proximity and you could easily cover them all in half an hour, if you didn't linger. If you do want to be there longer you can utilise the woodland walks and explore more of the 33 acre site.

We all really enjoyed feeding the animals and you can buy a small bag of feed for £1. We ended up spending £5 on the food, so you need to build that into the cost for the day. I was impressed that there was a couple of hand washing stations with soap and disposable towels to ensure that you don't pick anything up from the animals. Although that shouldn't happen anyway as we saw signs telling us the animals were regularly tested and they all looked happy and well kept.

animals at The Llama Park

Cafe and Shop
There is a large cafe/ restaurant and we've been here a couple of times. The drinks have always been fine, as have the snacks although I think they are a little on the expensive side. A millionaires shortbread is £2.50 and it's not a very large portion, but I suppose in comparison to other days out venues the price is fair.  The drinks are reasonable, at £2.00 for tea, £1.50 for Coke and £2.50 for a cappuccino.

We've always found the staff to be chatty and friendly in the cafe and the last time we visited, it was at the end of a super busy day and they still had a smile for us. We haven't had a meal there but the food we have seen looks good and it is all advertised as fresh home cooking. Soup of the day and baguette is £5.00, jacket potatoes from £5.95 and Sausage, egg and chips is £6.50.

There often seems to be special menus too, for events like Christmas and Mothers Day and you should ring in advance to book for those.

There is a big shop with loads of clothes and shoes made from Llama and Alpaca wool, as well as all the usual trinkets and keepsakes that you'd expect. Our girls like the shop and I think the prices are fair.

Tween girl feeding an alpaca

Play Park
Just outside the main building there is a wooden play park area, and also a bouncy castle. Even my 11 year old's had fun and created their own assault race course once the majority of people had left just before closing time.

Play park at The Llama Park

Walk a Llama
It seems that many people like to be able to walk a llama and this option is offered at The Llama Park. It is £35 for a one on one walk, or £30 if two people share a llama. There is also a family option at £50 for two adults and two children. Take a look on their web pages for more info.

Essential Information
Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day
Address: The Llama Park, Wych Cross, Forest Row RH18 5JN
Telephone: 01825 712040
Parking: Loads on site

Check out loads of reviews of The Llama Park on Trip Advisor

Laughing LLama

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