Thursday 7 February 2019

Thankful for a Slow Saturday #R2BC

Happy Thursday friends, I hope you're all well. It's a new month and that means that Reasons to be Cheerful is back with me for February.

Today I wanted to share a full days gratitude. Last Saturday was a day with no plans and I was so grateful for that. Some days I like to stop and remember to be grateful in all aspects of the day, it really does heighten the experience of being thankful and living as if I am blessed (which of course I am!)

So here's my daily list -
  • The cat let me sleep in until 7.45am before he started miaowing at my door to be let out
  • The girls had a really good lie in after their adventures the night before, breaking down in the snow with my husband after youth club
  • I enjoyed bacon and eggs for breakfast and cooked them for everyone else too
  • Cheesy catch-up TV was the order of the morning, so I watched some Dynasty and Designated Survivor
  • I got the vegetables all prepared for cooking a chicken and veg soup later in the day
  • Tights got mended and a button sewn back on a school shirt
  • My shower was hot and enjoyable, I even managed to remember to moisturise my face!
  • I caught up on all my social media tasks/ admin for the day
  • I had some lovely cups of tea
  • Two wonderful hours were spent in the prayer centre, reading my new book Dream Culture
  • All the family headed out for a carvery meal at the local pub and dh had a voucher to pay for it
  • We got the shopping we needed at Lidl, all for a good price
  • I ordered a couple of books to read with my daughters about being confident in who they are and not following the crowd
  • We watched The Greatest Dancer and Casualty as a family (well 4/5ths of a family anyway - JJ is a fully fledged teen)
  • I got a great nights sleep in my big, super comfy bed and my pillow is so amazing that I thank God for it every night as I lie down and go off to sleep
It really is the simple things that make a massive difference sometimes.

Come and Join In!

I'd love to read your Reasons to be Cheerful and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to join in -

1. Link up a post about something that is making you super happy/ grateful. It can be in this style or it can be anything you like - a recipe, a tutorial, a from the heart, a list - it's your blog, you choose

2. Add the #R2BC badge onto your post or blog so that people can easily find the linky and join in too if they fancy

3.  Share the love. This is the really important bit. Please don't just link and run, comment on at least a couple of posts and why not share with #R2BC too?

I'll stop by all linked up posts to comment and I'll share on twitter too

#R2BC is with me for the month of February.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
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