Tuesday 14 August 2018

A Day in the Life of Archie, the Golden Lab

I've got something a little different for you today. I'm pleased to welcome Archie to take the reins for this post. Archie is my parents' beloved golden Labrador, who is eight and best friends with my Miss M.


I can't believe it, we are really here. Hey, hey it's holiday! I love coming away on holiday with Mum and Dad, but the very best holidays are when their grand-kids come as well, as that means I get to play with JJ, Miss M and Miss E.

JJ used to be my best friend, but he only wants to play with me every now and then nowadays, he seems more interested in that black box that he's always tapping away at. Mum calls it his laptop, I call it a pest!

Miss E and Miss M are twins and they are both fun, but I have to be honest, Miss M is my favourite. She is the one who gets up early to walk me with Dad each day and she is the one who always plays ball and tug of war with me. 

It can't be long now as the sun is up and I can hear Dad moving about in his bedroom, so Miss M will knock on the door soon and it will be time for us to go walking and running in the forest. It's very nice here in the New Forest where we are staying, but boy does it get hot in the caravan, it's lucky that Dad won't leave me here alone, so I am getting loads of great day trips out. I wonder where we will go today?

Oh wait, I hear the knock. Let's let everyone know its walk time and Miss M has arrived. "Woof, woof, woof!"  She's here, she's here and my tail is wagging madly. Come on Dad, come on, open the door - I want to see her. 

Dad opens the door and I burst through with all the kisses for Miss M. Good morning, good morning, shall we walk now?

The forest's a great place to walk as it's really cool and there are loads of paths to run up and down. I'm feeling pretty tired now, I think it must be time for a lie down and nap before we go out for the day.

Back at the caravan Mum's up now and she's got my breakfast ready and a big bowl of water is just what I need - I think I'm going to switch off now and have a snooze.

Oh, that sleep was good and very needed. I think Dad got a nap in as well but now I can hear everyone chatting and it sounds as if we're heading to a local park for some lunch and then a walk down Poole harbour.

Ahh look, there's Miss E and ohh good stuff, she's got a PEDIGREE® Dentastix for me, I love those, and Mum says they are good for me too, which is a winner. Apparently dog dental care is very important and I need a Dentastix each day to chew on. I'm certainly not moaning at that!

Right, it's time to head out now and I do love to feel the wind coming into the back of the car as we drive along, it's a shame I have to go in the boot rather than being able to stick my head out, but Mum says I have to stay safe!

This park looks nice and I'm glad we're all sitting on a shady balcony for our lunch. Well, I say our lunch but really, it's their lunch, all I get is some water and a dog biscuit whilst they tuck into a lamb roast dinner or full English breakfast. Oh, it does all smell so good....

Everyone agrees it was a great meal and a bargain price, so they're all happy and that makes me happy. Dad declares that it's far too hot for him to go walking anywhere, so he and I are heading back to the caravan for a rest and then he'll have a dip in the pool later on.

I don't mind at all as this heat takes it out of me and I'm very happy just relaxing and watching the world go by, I'm not as young as I used to be. Once everyone else arrives back later it's decided that most of them will go over and watch the evening entertainment and I could go over onto the terrace with them, but Dad and I have got the caravan all nice and cool now, so I think we'll stay here and watch some TV.

After another brief walk, I settle down with Miss E, who's feeling quite tired and we snuggle up on my Peppa Pig duvet (it used to be Miss E's) to watch the movie Up together.

What a great day it has been, filled with walks, family and relaxing. That's my kind of perfect!

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information, you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.

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