Saturday 14 April 2018

Easter Happy Holiday Days

We've had a lovely couple of weeks with the kids off school but I have to be honest, I am now ready for them to go back to school. I haven't really done any work and my house is feeling neglected BUT if you asked my girls I bet they'd say they've had a wonderful time and whilst JJ hasn't done half as much with me as they have I bet he'd say he was happy too, as I let him indulge his online gaming passion with his mates these last couple of days!

Easter was spent at home relaxing and we had a great early morning service up by the cross on Easter Sunday morning. Then Monday we headed to Bridgwater and stayed over there before a stop at the beautiful Dunster Castle.

I love this photo that Miss E got us to set up, so much fun!

The first week of the holidays was spent down in Minehead at Butlins for Spring Harvest, which is a Christian festival that we always have great fun at. We just booked standard room accommodation this time and for the first time ever we were really disappointed with Butlins. However saying that, they thankfully moved us on day two and we spent the week delighted with our silver apartment. Just a few little luxuries like a bit of extra space, a sofa, a shower and no drafty doors makes such a difference.

The holiday itself was great, there was some excellent bible teaching, inspiring worship and thought provoking seminars. I came away fired up ready to deepen my relationship with the Lord and I've been enjoying some quite times in the prayer centre since we returned.

I loved playing mini golf with my boy, swimming with all the kids and just taking time to coffee and chat with my hubby.

Then in the last week we've done all the boring jobs like dentist, brace tightening, shopping and the like. As well as going to a community rock painting event and hiding more rocks we've decorated and hunting for some more too.

We also had a trip to a local farm to see our friend Hannah who is training to be a farmer. The girls had the best fun there with the lambs and on the hay bales!

The girls were giving me a heart attack climbing up here but the girl who lives on the farm was making it look so easy!
Then this weekend saw the girls and I taking a trip down to see my family and we didn't really do anything special but it was nice none-the-less, especially our day at the park and shops today before we travelled home. Miss E has been playing with a new app on her phone and created this image.

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