Wednesday 6 September 2017

5 Hidden Asthma Triggers Hiding in Your Home

If your child suffers from asthma, you do your best to keep your home free from triggers that cause attacks. But, hiding in your home are other causes that make your children's asthma attacks more frequent. Here are some things you might not think about.

 Animal Saliva

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When we think of allergies from pets, most people think about dander, the tiny flakes of dead skin all living creatures shed. But, a pet's saliva and urine also contribute to asthma attacks. When your pet greets your child with a lick, even that small exposure to the animal's saliva is dangerous. Or, cleaning up after a new puppy's accident could also cause an asthma attack. So, think twice before choosing a pet for your child.

Many people use air fresheners, scented candles, or incense to help their home smell good. However, to a child with asthma, scented items pose a big problem. The risk doesn't end there; fragrances in products like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, household cleaners, or scents people use as perfume or cologne trigger asthma attacks without anyone realising it. And, while most people understand the risk of cigarette smoke, even a wood-burning fireplace produces smells that cause attacks. Also, any type of aerosol also frequently causes asthma attacks.

Insect Droppings 
Nearly invisible, insect droppings commonly trigger asthma attacks. It is important to keep your home bug-free when you have a child with asthma. Some of the worst insect droppings come from cockroaches. You may not even realise that these disgusting creatures hide in appliances, stacks of old papers, or inside your walls. Use every method possible, including professional services, baits, and traps to get rid of insects in your home.

Bedding and Toys 
Concentrate on areas where your child plays and sleeps. If their rooms have carpet or rugs, vacuuming frequently with a machine that includes a HEPA filter helps to trap minute particles, even insect droppings. Wash your child's sheets weekly in hot water, and do not buy feather pillows or down comforters. Use a hypoallergenic cover for the mattress, box spring, and pillows. Buy washable curtains and launder them often. Another culprit are stuffed animals. Allow your child only a few favourites and wash them regularly.

Poor Ventilation 
If you have gas appliances, check to see that they vent properly to the outside. Gas fumes are dangerous for many reasons, and causing asthma attacks is only one of them. Never allow smoking of any type in your home. Change air filters monthly to cut down on irritants and invest in an air purifier, if possible. If a whole-house system is not in the budget, get a portable one that moves easily so it follows your child. And, avoid humidifiers and make sure bathrooms vent well to get rid of the steam after a shower. You don't always know when your child will suffer an asthma attack.

Knowing the possible triggers helps you rid your home of unnecessary dangers. And, when your child breathes easier, so do you.

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