Sunday 17 September 2017

4 Clever Ways to Help your Child Sleep Through the Night

As a parent, you crave one thing more than anything else: sleep. All you need is for your child to sleep soundly. Here are four clever ways to help your child sleep through the night.

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Turn down the Temperature 
Did you know that you sleep better at colder temperatures? Research suggests that even insomniacs can sleep soundly when they wear cooling caps. It makes sense in that people are more likely to wake up and feel restless when they’re hot.

When your child is sweaty, they’ll wake up and cry. Who has to tend to them? Yes, it’s you. To avoid such problems, turn down your thermostat each night before bedtime. Your children will sleep more comfortably and they’re less likely to awaken in the night. You should even consider purchasing a smart thermostat, which will automatically lower the temperature at a scheduled time each evening.

Establish a Bedtime 
As a parent, your schedule can be chaotic. You’re juggling your home life and work life so disruptions are a natural part of the day. When you fail to follow a set schedule, your child can follow your lead. Therefore the onus is on you to lead by example, particularly with regards to bedtime.

You must decide the time to tuck your child in for the night. Then, you have to add some rules about turning the lights off, letting the tablet power down, and the toys going back in the box. Otherwise, you may think that your child is asleep when they’re not. By setting a firm schedule, you will teach your child to fall asleep at the same time each night and they will wake up less when their body has a set routine.

Get Rid of Naptime 
This tip ties together with the one above. You don’t want your child to feel too awake at bedtime. That can happen if you let your child nap a lot, especially later in the afternoon. When your child tries to take a nap, try to engage them in an activity that will occupy their mind enough that they’ll stay awake. You might think about having them go to bed earlier than normal, too. The only concern with this strategy is that they may might wake up earlier the following morning. So think through if you want that!

Eating after Dark
When your child asks for food, you give it to them. The behavior is reflexive. The problem is that many foods and drinks will prevent your child from sleeping soundly. A great example is juice. Your kid loves it and likely has a favorite flavor. If that juice is acidic, it will cause bladder issues. Your child is more likely to wake up at night because they have to go to the bathroom. Once they’re up, they may struggle to fall back asleep. Then, they’ll want you to take care of them, costing you valuable sleep.

Foods are the same way, and sugary snacks are an obvious problem. The sugar keeps your child awake, so its not a good idea to feed your child such treats under an hour before bedtime.

Children do sleep through the night, honest. It’s a real thing that happens. If yours doesn’t yet, follow the tips listed here to alter their behaviour and I'm sure it will be happening soon enough. Good luck!

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