Friday 30 December 2016

Boxing Day in Brighton - Sale Shopping and Ice-Skating

For as long as I can remember I have looked forward to the January sales, all sales in fact. We would have our family Christmas and all I'd hope for was money to be able to go and shop on 27th December. As of course when I was young shops didn't open on Boxing Day like they do now so I had to wait that extra day. Over the years I've grown less and less fond of shopping and now I hardly go to the sales at all but I do seem to have cultivated two young girls that have gained my love of shopping.

As Christmas starts early on 23rd December in our community by the time it gets to Boxing Day we are all ready to escape and thus two coaches arrived on Boxing Day morning and off we all went to Brighton. We did the same last year and it was a great day; friends and families split into smaller groups and we go off and do our own thing. My husband and son headed off for a waffle and then to the cinema to see Rogue One and us girls indulged in some sale shopping and a gorgeous Italian lunch, followed by ice-skating at the Pavilion ice-rink with about thirty other friends from our community.

This was a real highlight of the day for my girls as they learnt to skate last year and Miss E is a bit of a whizz on her in-line skates and this seems to really help with her ice skating technique.

When you are out for the day pounding the streets quickly moving from shop to shop to find the best bargains it is of course really important to be wearing footwear that is comfy and practical. Both my girls have been sent a pair of gorgeous amber coloured S7 Teen boots from ECCO as part of my stint as a Gore-Tex Big Days Ambassador and Miss E chose to wear these for our trip to Brighton. It was her first time wearing them and I was worried this might not be a good idea as leather tends to need to be worn in but she told me that due to the comfy wool lining they would be fine and thank the Lord she was right, no blisters and no pain after a day of wearing them for around 8 hours. 

We already know that we love Gore-Tex products as we have tried many different shoes and boots from Hotter, Adidas, Superfit and Legaro but ECCO was a new brand to us and we are loving our boots from them. It is another one of those situations where it is worth paying a little more to get the best fit and boots that will last a long time. Both my girls have big feet for their age and these boots were £75 a pair for the size 5 and 6 pairs that we received but I can see them lasting a long time and Miss E might even get Miss M's too when both their feet grow again. 

Here are a few more pictures from our time in Brighton. It really is a a great place to explore but we mostly stuck to the shops on this visit as we were only there in September when we visited the new i360 and took in the great sea front and pier.

Disclosure: We received two pairs of ECCO boots to wear and really enjoy as part of the Gore-Tex Big Days Ambassador programme. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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