Tuesday 9 August 2016

Festival Fun with our Superfit GORE-TEX Shoes

We are a very lucky family as we get to live in 220 acres of amazing East Sussex countryside. Once or twice a year the estate becomes the home to a Christian festival and just a couple of weeks ago we had around 1200 people camping and staying on site. It is quite strange for your home to become a festival but great all the same as we get to enjoy all the amazing activities but also have a real bed to sleep in and a hot shower too!

Just as the festival was about to start we received our package of Superfit GORE-TEX® shoes and as the weather was predictably British we thought this would be the perfect time to try them out. Sadly my 12 year old sons feet seem to be growing at an astounding rate so his shoes were too small but luckily the Superfit trainers we had been sent fitted me and of course navy is a universal colour, so I am enjoying wearing them.

We are big fans of GORE-TEX® shoes in this house, having been ambassadors last year and also JJ reviewed some school shoes from Hotter that were GORE-TEX® protected too. The technology really does work, you can get the shoes soaking wet (JJ literally stomps through puddles) and they keep the wet outside but still allow yoru feet to breath too, it is perfect and worth the little extra you pay. Peace of mind does come with the GORE-TEX® name for sure.

We are lucky to have been picked as GORE-TEX® Big Days ambassadors again this year and this means the kids (and me on this occasion) get to try out some shoes that use the GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ technology.

GORE-TEX® do not manufacture their own clothes and shoes but they are super strict about who they work with, checking and guaranteeing every piece that carries the GORE-TEX® name. So if your product says GORE-TEX® on the label, you know it carries the Guaranteed To Keep You Dry® promise, no matter who manufactured it or where you bought it.

On this occasion the GORE-TEX® shoes we were sent are manufactured by Superfit. This is not a brand I've known before but after the success we had with the Legero shoes last year we now know that European brands we might not have known about before are not to be feared. Superfit is an Austrian brand and having some Austrian friends I know their products to be innovative and of high-quality. They are proud to work with renowned paediatricians, orthopaedists and well-known shoe designers to come up with high-quality shoes that allow the natural movement of children's feet and support development during the important years or growth.

The Superfit shoes with GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ product technology combine fun and casual design with waterproof, highly-breathable materials – so that feet stay cool and dry even on warm days and that is really important. My poor kids gain a legacy from me of horrid sweaty (read smelly) feet, so anything that can be done to help them is very welcome.

The model I am wearing are Sport4 and Miss E is wearing the Stride shoe.

Miss E tells me that her Superfit trainers are easy to put on, very comfy to wear, keep her feet cool and look great too. Here she is at the 'village fete' running some races and getting a balloon model made.

Disclosure: We are GORE-TEX® Big Days Ambassadors which means we will be sent shoes for the children to trial and have fun in. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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