Saturday 30 April 2016

Remembering I'm a Grown-up

It's funny how some things make you want to retreat back into yourself. You'd think that by the ripe old-age of 42 years and 257 days that I'd have it firmly in mind that I'm a fully fledged adult nowadays. But not so, I've been in London at an event today and there seem to be a few things that I've got mastered, like eating alone in a restaurant and feeling safe walking through London but then there are others that still give me the jitters; like rocking up at a blogging event and being fearful that you won't know anyone.

About a month ago HP invited me to an event in London. It was showcasing their Instant Ink service and I was keen to attend as not only did it sound like a fabulous chilled afternoon with spa treatments and afternoon tea but I've also used the instant ink service for the last two years and I love it. You'd never think that ink for your printer would be something that could excite you but it does. It makes a mass amount of difference to never run out of ink and to be able to say yes every time the kids ask me to print off colouring or to do their homework and what does this cost me? A mere £1.99 per month for 50 full colour pages.

I had a serious case of jitters for this event though, not going went through my mind at least a dozen times. So I tried to reassure myself and headed into a couple of FB blogger groups and asked if people were going. Mostly it was silence and then a  couple of people said they were and whilst they seemed very lovely, I was still nervous as the invite had said we could bring a blogger friend and everyone I had asked already had plans or commitments with their kids today, so I'd be going solo.

Right up until yesterday I was still wavering as my twin girls were off school and my husband was taking the time to look after them so we could have gone out and had some family fun but with a long weekend ahead and another day off next week for the girls (polling *sigh*) I thought I'd be a little selfish and enjoy the me time. So I pulled on my big girl pants and realised I just had to give it a go. How bad could it be? I used to go to blogger events all the time where I didn't know anyone, that was how I made the blogger friends I have. Just because I'm not 'known' anymore and not in the trendy scene doesn't mean I can't still get on with people.

And you know what? I had a great time, yes I spent 3 hours on the train but even that was enjoyable. I read, tweeted, wrote this post and watched some Masterchef. The difference a few hours without hearing 'mum' or more accurately 'muuuuum' makes is immense. I know that tomorrow the kids will have a much more content mummy looking after them and I'll appreciate that time we have together as I had a break, away from my norm.

So the lesson I need to take away from today is not to limit myself. I can do anything I put my mind to, I'm a very capable woman and despite my worries I really am a fully fledged grown-up. I just thank the Lord that I no longer have the mortgage to prove it!

Thank you so much HP Instant Ink for hosting this event and it was fabulous to get to share a little time and cake with Ami, Emma, Colette and Faye.

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