Wednesday 23 March 2016

I May be Some Time..

I'm going to be taking some time away from blogging (yes I know, again). I've explained the reasons over on my other blog Progress Not Perfection, so you can nip over and read if you like but basically it all feels a bit wrong at the moment.

After a nasty episode last December, which I actually haven't mentioned over here as yet, but you can read about it in a piece I wrote for the World Moms Blog in January, I feel I need to have this break and allow it to take its natural course and just be as long as it feels right.

I've been blogging far less over the last couple of months anyway and enjoying just having time to relax and be with my family more but I thought I'd be a bit more purposeful for this next chunk of time and plan some activities that I want to do -

So don't miss me too much. I'm still around and you can email or tweet me and I'll be happy to stay in touch or pray for you.

Be blessed, Mich x
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