Monday 10 August 2015

Mich Recommends 5 Great Parenting Books

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It's no secret that I love to read and I always tend to have a non-fiction and a fiction book on the go at the same time. In years gone by I could easily have had four or five books on the go but I've finally learn the value of cutting back.

Here are five parenting books that I have read and enjoyed -

1. Planet Parent - Mark Woods
I was recently sent this book by Mark to read and review and it is fabulous. Such an easy read and quite different in style to many parenting manuals. It gives great advise from a wide spectrum but there is no one formula suggested for bringing up the perfect child - this I like a lot! Some of it I have lightly skimmed through as my youngest children are now eight years old and I felt the early parts of the book on fertility, pregnancy and looking after a baby where not really required. Having looked through them they are still interesting though and I may well go back to them as the premise of the book is looking at all things parenting related from a world perspective, so it certainly was an eye-opener to read how the Chinese potty train their young babies.

I loved the section on food and feeding your child and there are so many underlined and highlighted parts that I want to go back to. I can see why French children east such a wide diet when they are encouraged from age three to go home for a gourmet 2 or 3 course meal each day and to really savour every bite. Thank goodness Jamie Oliver has been impacting our government to help our school meal offering improve.

Mark has a great writing style, he injects humour into many subjects that are really quite serious and his findings from across the world are fascinating. There are case studies from real parents as well as the general overview and I definitely came away from this book pondering my own parenting style and what I can affect to help make positive changes for my children.

Planet Parent is £10.68 on Amazon for a paperback or £9.98 for the kindle edition. There are 233 easy to read pages.

2. Taming the Tiger Parent - Tanith Carey
Last year I reviewed this book and I love Tanith's writing style, she challenges your thinking without being preachy or judgemental. I could imagine us having a cuppa and enjoying each others company as we discuss how the world has gone a little crazy and why are children now being forced to perform in ways no child should ever be expected to.

After reading this book you will feel empowered and you may even like me come away with a whole new armoury of tactics that will help you ensure you are a stress free parent.

Taming the Tiger Parent is £8.99 on Amazon for a paperback or £4.99 for the Kindle edition.

3. Where has my Little Girl Gone - Tanith Carey
This was the first book I read of Tanith's back in 2011 and it still stays with me. My girls are growing up in a world where they are expected to be something they are not from an early age and the media sells sex and being sexy as the ultimate goals. As a Christian Mum modesty is really important to me and I have been horrified at some of the year 6 leavers prom pictures I've been seeing on Facebook recently. All these little 11 year old girls with fake tans. gel nails and low-cut tops. What have they got to look forward to when they are a teenager if they are doing it all now?

This book is full of good honest advice and no fluff. It is easy to read and enjoyable too.  Available on Amazon in paperback from only £4.22.

4. The Power of a Praying Parent - Stormie O'Martian
I love this book and it comes out of my drawer time and time again. There are loads of short chapters with prayer pointers and each night before I fall asleep I read a small chapter and pray. This takes just about 15 minutes and covers my children in prayer, it nails down all the specifics that I just might forget otherwise.

Stormie is really good at sharing stories about her own life and parenting journey throughout the book and it always engages and never seems patronising. The power of a praying parent is available on Amazon for £7.99.

5. Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph
I actually realise I need to get this book back out again and have another read, JJ is about to turn 12 and puberty can't be far off so I need to get ahead of him and find out what lies ahead. I recall the first time I read this book and my jaw literally dropped open as I spotted all the signs that JJ had been displaying and started to understand that some of them were hormone induced and he had no idea why he was acting the way he was. It is such an insight.

If raising a boy to become a happy, healthy and kind man interests you then check out this book on Amazon from just £5.48.

Have you read any of my top picks before? What do you think and do you have any other books for me to add to my reading list?

Disclosure: I recently received the Parent Planet book to read and review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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