Tuesday 26 May 2015

Dear So and So - Yay for Half Term

Whoop, whoop it is half term and I absolutely adore having the kids off. No having to get up at silly o'clock and lots of time having fun!

Dear JJ,

I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend at Scout camp, we knew you would but we also knew you would come home and be as grumpy as anything. I am praying you get a fabulous nights sleep so that I get my nice boy back tomorrow and don't have to confiscate that iPad!

I mean it, pop a smile on your face! Mum xx

To all volunteer Scouting leaders and helpers,

Sincerely, thank you so much for all you do. It makes a real difference to so many children's lives and I know at times it feels as if you are an unpaid babysitting service and as if no-one appreciates you but we do. I really do and I know JJ and the girls do too. I think they have possibly joined the best scout group in the country and I'm not just saying that as dh is one of the leaders. Although that sure makes it fun for all the kids when they are young. I was very proud watching the girls being invested on Tuesday night.

A grateful mummy


Hey Little Ladies,

You have been so good this weekend, it has been such a lot of fun to get you both alone. I love to watch you with daddy and you have been playing together fabulously, please do keep it up. Don't let things change now JJ is back home, the bickering wears me down and then I become grouchy mummy, which I know is no fun.

I can't wait for us to go away on Thursday.

Love you both so much, Mummy xx


Dear Dh,

I'm really enjoying being able to help you with the new reservations system. It frustrates me that I can't be available more to help but I have to keep a balance as these last two weeks of working many days have shown me how short-tempered and grumpy I used to be with our babies and they didn't deserve it. I feel so lucky to be able to be here when they return from school and to just be available to make snacks, do homework, chat about their day or have them help me cook dinner in a leisurely manner.

Thank you babe, you are a diamond. I'm looking forward to some sunset glasses of wine together this weekend. Love you, Mich xx

Dear Camber Sands,

I don't suppose a sane person would write a letter to a beach resort, would they? But I'm pretty sure I've never professed to be sane. We had a great few hours on the beach today and it was so good to have so much space for the girls to play safely and for me to contemplate, pray and read my magazine as they did so.

We will be back, Mrs Pannell and happy kids


Dear Fruit Factory,

Yummy, I really do like your new Sports mix-ups and with them being 75% fruit I even felt a bit healthy eating them! It came as a surprise to me that I enjoyed them, as well as the fruit wheels, as I'm not normally into that kind of thing. Of course my kids have been crazy about your fruit strings and fruit hearts for quite some time and when I can pick them up in Poundland at £1 for five then I'm quite happy to add them to their lunchbox as a delicious snack.

The girls also liked the collector card that came in our multipack and it kept Miss M quite for a short while whilst she worked out the wordsearch. She has not been online yet to visit the Fruity Club and to make her character come to life but I'm sure that might be happening tomorrow!

Thanks for the samples, we are happy customers. Mich and the gang



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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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