Sunday 4 May 2014

My picture: His words

Not done one of these for a while, so it is about time!

As I prayed last week I really felt this scripture come to mind and it feels very apt as at the moment I'm at an 'in between' stage. I'm very much enjoying life and getting involved with lots of different things but there is no big plan or goals at the moment and that is a bit strange. My whole life so far has been working towards goals and now my goals are much more fluid and hard to measure. I'm focusing on parenting, growing closer to God and spending more purposeful time with him. Also on being able to relax and just be and to stop finding my worth in what I do and achieve.

Sometimes we have to cling onto those precious words from the bible and know that they are true.  He will always give us something good and I'm looking forward to when the next part of his plan will be revealed. At the moment my husband and I are embarking on a new journey, one which might be quite tough and will certainly have us jumping through some hoops for he next few months but we believe it will be right and that God is leading us down this path.

How are things with you at the moment? Do you have any prayer requests for me, I'll happily pray for you.  Have a blessed week, Mich x
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