Wednesday 25 March 2009

I'm nervous

Isn't it amazing what can make a grown woman fee a bit nervous? Jacob is having a friend over for play and tea after school today and there is nothing new about that, as it happens most weeks. Normally, though it is with one of his close group of friends, all of whom's Mums are my friends.

This little boy coming today seems lovely and I have seen his Mum and Dad a few times but I know nothgin about them. Coudl this be a disaster? Mostly I just collect the kid and walk them home with Jake and the girls but this boys Dad wants to collect him and bring him round and settle him in - what on earth does this mean???

I am also stressing about tea - I was just planning to do a nice easy tea (my normal tactic when I have loads of kids to deal with) of sausages, mash and beans but now I am wondering if this kids parents will think I should of provided some veg.

I think I should stop thinking and stressing so
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