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Trying out Love Leggings - Energise and Revitalise Sports Leggings - Which to Choose?

Love Leggings - Great for all kinds of activities, even tree climbing!

{This is a review post, many thanks Love Leggings for the sports leggings you sent to my daughter}

OK, the first thing I have to tell you is that if you order some Love Leggings you won't be disappointed. We have been happy customers for just under three years now and one of my 14-year-old twins Miss E doesn't wear any other leggings apart from them. We've had both the regular leggings and the sports specific ones and she swears by them. So many leggings go thin on the bum, come away at the seams or show off your knicker line but not so with the Love Leggings.

For the last couple of years, Miss E has been wearing both Focus and Energise sports leggings and she has been really happy in both styles. More recently she has also been sent a pair of Revitalise leggings to try out too and this means she has now tried all three styles of sports leggings that Love Leggings currently sell.

Energise - £35

Energise are ultra-lightweight compression leggings so they have a little extra support. Miss E finds these perfect for running as they have pockets for her phone, keys etc. Made from 80% nylon and 20% elastane, these leggings have added lycra for 4 ways stretch. They feature a high-rise waistband, distinctive seam design and are sweat-wicking. They also encompass shape-retention technology so they hold their shape for the life of the product. 

Both my girls have had Energise leggings for well over a year and even with constant wear, they have never faded colour, bobbled, or lost their shape. Miss E has worn some of hers so much that they have naturally worn out for that is after months and months of wear and I have been very happy with their longevity. 

Energise leggings are available in regular, tall and petite ranges, with sizes 6 through to 28. It is so nice to find a brand that is inclusive and made for women of all shapes and sizes. You can get them in full length, 7/8ths and cropped styles. Currently, they are available in black and thunder blue. 

Revitalise - £35

These revitalise leggings are new to Miss E; these ones are still sweat-wicking and supportive but they have a cosy textured fabric, which Miss E really liked the feel of, but she did comment that it picks up fluff a lot more than the more shiny Energise that she normally wears.

Love Leggings suggest these are the perfect athleisure leggings, perfect for exercise, relaxing and everything in between. Miss E commented that she could imagine these are great for yoga or mat work as they had a lot of stretch in them and she didn't feel restricted at all.

They are 79% nylon and 21% lycra which gives the 4-way stretch and they share many features with the other Love Leggings sports styles - high waist )these have a hidden pocket in the waistband too), quick-dry and sweat-wicking and they use the shape-retention technology too.

Again, these leggings are available in regular, tall and petite ranges, with sizes 6 through to 28. There is currently a choice of four different colours - black, navy, winter plum and mauve. You can get them in full length, 7/8ths and cropped styles. 

Focus - £32

Miss E heading off to do her 2 day D of E expedition in her Focus leggings

These were the first leggings that Miss E had from Love Leggings and she has been through a couple of pairs as she has truly worn them out. Miss E finds these very similar to the Energise style with the same 80% nylon and 20% elastane fabric but it is not quite so lightweight and the seam design is different as it doesn't have side pockets.

There is still the high waist with a hidden pocket and a nice minimal seam design with a cute bum-enhancing V-shaped waistband at the back. These still have great compression support and allow excellent movement and stretch when you are exercising. 

Focus leggings are available in regular, tall and petite ranges, with sizes 6 through to 28. You can get them in full length, 7/8ths and cropped styles. Currently, they are available in black, olive green, dusky pink and mulberry plum.

What's the Fit Like?

Miss E is a size 12 and she is 5ft 9", however, we always size down when buying Love Leggings in the sports designs. This gives her a really tight fit that she feels secure in to do even the most energetic of exercises and she says the leggings do d a great job staying in place and making her feel supported.

She also always has leggings from the regular range and tends to go for the full-length option, so I do wonder if a shorter person like I am, at 5ft 4" might do better going for the petite range if I wanted a full-length pair, as there is nothing worth than bagging leggings at the ankle. They have a good size guide for you to consult if you aren't sure. 

Which Sports Leggings should you Choose?

The question of which Love Leggings sports style to choose is a hard one to answer as it will come down to personal choice. Miss E likes to wear her Focus or Energise leggings for running, football and going to the gym. But she feels the Revitalise are more suitable for low-intensity exercises like yoga or pilates.  Each of the fabrics feels good and comfortable to wear but for Miss E Energise are her favourite.

Love Leggings Essential Information

  • There are maternity and curve leggings and you're able to see photos of realistically sized women wearing these items, which makes Love Leggings very authentic and relatable
  • Delivery is free if you spend over £50, or £1.99 otherwise and it takes 2-3 days. Quicker options are available at a price
  • Free returns and exchanges on all orders
  • All packaging is 100% compostable
  • Visit Love Leggings at
  • There is a live chat function available on the website and you can also contact Love Leggings by email or phone directly from their web page
  • Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Tik Tok

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

5 Tips for Running a Successful Lifestyle Blog


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

{This is a collaborative post}

Do you want to share your passion with the world? Blogging is one of the best ways to do just that. I've been blogging since 2008, so that is thirteen years now and the blogosphere has changed beyond recognition. One thing that has stayed the same is the opportunities to get out there and have your say. You can make a difference.

The internet is populated by millions of different blogs covering a range of topics, and over two-thirds of internet users are blog readers. This means that while you aren’t without competition, the scope of your potential audience is vast. 

Although you might blog, or be considering blogging, as a hobby to pass the time, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t turn your passion into a profit-making project. If you’re not sure where to start, then check out these five fantastic tips for starting up your own blog.


1)     Choose Your Platform


Choosing a platform is not a decision that should be rushed. It’s important that you find the platform that’s right for you before you begin, as changing it later isn’t always easy.

Wordpress is one of the most popular choices for bloggers around the world, with millions of posts being published every day. This valuable blogging resource allows its users to have complete control over every aspect of their little corner of the internet. However, if your technical skills are not so hot then you may struggle at times if you want a highly stylised site. You, can, of course, always engage a blog designer to help you. That's what I do with my Wordpress site. 

Blogger is a very easy blogging platform to get to know and you have the power of Google behind it, but it is less customisable than Wordpress, or something that Squarespace. Also, many loggers worry about the day when Google could just pull the plug on it and your blog would be lost. I also have a couple of Bloggers blogs and it still remains my favourite platform to use.  

Thursday, 25 November 2021

A Late Thanksgiving Post #R2BC

I've wanted to write a blog post for a few days but it's been a weird week and I can't seem to get myself motivated. I keep procrastinating and doing other tasks but today is Thanksgiving in the USA and all week I've been bombarded with emails, devotionals and social media posts about the importance of gratitude and changing your attitude to being grateful for what you have.

I've loved seeing all these things as gratitude is a massive part of my life as a Christian. Most mornings I write a gratitude journal and give thanks for the things that are going well in my life. It's so important to adopt a positive approach to life and to acknowledge all the blessings you have, even when you're in your darkest moments. Sometimes it can be really tricky and you might be digging deep for even one reason to be thankful, but think on it hard enough and that reason will come. 

It was for this reason that back in 2011 I started the Reasons to be Cheerful linky and I still know many people who use this practice in their everyday life. Looking for the silver linings and the little moments of grace that you spot in the everyday. When you start to look for the good stuff, you'll find you spot it much more easily. It's like any habit, keep practising and it will become second nature. Of course, at times you'll get distracted and forget but thankfully I find that God prompts me to look once again for the good moments when I am drowning in my problems. 

October was an awfully hard month for me, I had parenting challenges that I never thought I'd have to face but I kept trying to dig deep and look for the blessings. They were there, some of them hiding behind black clouds and it took me days to write even one thing in my journal at times, but I'm coming through it, I look at November and there are days with a list of 20 reasons that I am feeling grateful. 

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Stunning Christmas Tree Decorations from Newbridge Silverware

Review of a selection of silver plated christmas tree decorations from Newbridge Silverware

{These beautiful items were gifted to me for the purpose of this review, I have not been instructed what to write}

I suspect most people would agree that Christmas is a magical time, but I think we all have our own unique reasons for why we enjoy it. From family time to gift-giving, to lots of merriment and parties, right through to the hope of snow and of course, decorating your house. I wouldn't say I'm an elaborate house stager for the Christmas period but I do adore decorating my Christmas tree.

For years I had a colour coordinated tree and I was more interested in the overall aesthetic than anything else. That changed in the last decade, I think probably it was the children that helped me to see that memories can be more important than style. Add to that some journeys abroad that held great meaning and I started to collect tree ornaments that I could bring out every year and hang. What I've found is that as I unpack those decorations I am transported back to the time I bought the decoration or perhaps when it was made, or a special year when I hung it with one of my children and it now has sentimental meaning.

I've shared a few times on my blogs about our Christmas trees, you can see our 2012 offerings over here, or our 2018 one here. I also shared a tutorial in 2017 for making small Christmas wreath tree ornaments and these have been very popular and make excellent but inexpensive teacher/ youth leader gifts. 

Here is Miss E decorating our tree last year, as you can see I have done away with the tinsel and it's all about seeing each individual ornament now and there are a lot of them!

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Best Maternity Fashion Tips for Women

Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

{This is a collaborative post}

You’ve conceived and your little bundle of joy is in your tummy, congratulations! Now is the time to think of the fashion trends that will help you look chic and exquisite. Of course, when maternity fashion is concerned, it doesn’t come in one size or style. Today, with much evolution of the fashion industry, maternity fashion trends have been taken to the next level and you can pretty much wear whatever you choose.

Simply put, when you go through the web, every photo will unleash a different story about what’s trending. Now that you’re about to see yourself expand for the next few months, you have the perfect opportunity at your disposal to get creative with your fashion choices. 

In this feature, we will shed light on the best maternity fashion tips for pregnant women:

1.  Consider Shopping Sparingly

Bear in mind, every passing month will weigh on your tummy and your size and shape will change. Therefore, don't buy anything that can only be worn for a very short time. You can, of course, still wear jeans and short skirts, but you're better to purchase ones with a stretchy maternity panel, so they can grow with you and perhaps go for ones that aren't too expensive or over the top. 

Remember, that even if you choose an item to wear in the early stages of pregnancy, thinking that you can keep it for wearing post-delivery, you never know what the future will unfold in terms of your body shape. Your body shape might not be the only thing to change whilst pregnant or once you've had your baby as hair loss can be common so look for Cliphair on the web to restore your hairs natural look.

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Christmas Gift Guide for Older Teen Girls

All sorts of Christmas gift and stocking filler ideas for a teenage girl. The only guide you need.

 {Many of the items in this post have been gifted to me in exchange for inclusion in my gift guide. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, any affiliate links will be marked with #ad}

If you've got a teenage girl (or two in my case) to buy for then you'll know it is a bit like walking a tightrope. If you have hundreds of pounds available to spend and you can treat them to high-end tech, designer trainers or a holiday with their mates then you're made! If, like me, you don't have that kind of money and need to find some smaller items to go alongside their main gift then read on and check out my recommendations of some of the items my teenage girls will be enjoying this year.

Bijoux De Mimi Ear Cuffs and Huggies - from £14.50

Earrings, ear cuffs and huggies from Bijoux De Mimi are all the rage right now. My teenage girls have been seeing their products on Tik Tok and are loving them. The brand is such a fabulous success story to come out of the pandemic.

Miss M choose a pair of Camilla cross dangle hoops with classic white sparkle gemstones. This retail for £20.50 and are 14ct gold plated. The hoops average at 1.5cm across. They have a pivot fastening, quite different to other earrings we have chosen before, so they look like a complete hoop through the ear. 

Miss E went for a Christina turquoise huggie hoop and cuff, as she'd love to have her helix done but I've said not until she is a bit older. This is a really good compromise as she can wear the design she likes but there is no permanent change. At first, she found the cuff a bit large as she has dainty ears but it was easy to squeeze the cuff and make it a better fit. It is £17.50 and 14ct gold plated with turquoise gemstones. There is a selection of colours that this style is available in - something to suit everyone.

Do check out their Instagram page for loads of great inspiration on how to wear your huggies and cuffs. 

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Heading into Winter with Femme Luxe Loungewear

{This is a collaborative post}

Can you believe that when I went out to the car this morning to drop the girls at school the temperature gauge showed 4 degrees?  That is properly cold and it means that Winter is well and truly on the way. With that in mind, it is important to have some cosy clothes to wear as you relax at home or head out for a walk or shop.

My teenage girls have got quite a selection of loungewear now and it's a good job as they wear it a lot and aren't always the best at looking after their clothes. So there is often no point in me spending money on premium brands and I like to stock up on cosy essentials for a good price. Femme Luxe has a massive selection of loungewear to choose from and you can search their website by the colour you fancy, by set or even by choosing only oversized loungewear, if that is the cut you like best.

When you think of loungewear you don't have to be limited to just an old-fashioned set of joggers and sweatshirt or hoodie, oh no, there is so much variety. Cropped, skinny fit, oversized, zip-up, sexy, knitted, petite, fluffy, velour - the list goes on and on!

Let me share with you what my teenage twins choose this time - 

Dua Nude Fleece Oversized Long Sleeve Drawstring Cropped Hoodie

This hoodie is from the brand Brave Soul and it looks really well made. We like the Brave Soul label in this house as it is very on-trend, affordable and cut well. Although this is described as nude in colour, it looks like a light dusky pink. Miss E is wearing a Medium size and it is described as oversized but she normally wears a medium and I don't think it looks oversized on her, so I'd say it comes up slightly small.

The sleeves are a good length and the hoodie stopped on her waist. The hood is large and has a drawstring. This Dua hoodie is currently £10.99 on the Femme Luxe website but they have a special 15% off everything code at the moment. So that makes it £9.34 and there is very often codes on the site to get extra discounts, so always keep your eyes open for those.

This hoodie is available in XS to L, although it is worth noting that Femme Luxe is one of the sites that tend to understate sizing, as in this case the large would fit a 12/14 and I don't think most people would consider that large. 

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Welcome Autumn - A great Reason to be Cheerful

I love Autumn as a season, not as much as Spring but it is certainly so much better than Winter. I think it is so important to stop and enjoy nature and the world around us. This morning I dropped one of my daughters off at her friends and came back home. As I drove back to my house I passed this gorgeous bush that is bright orange and each day I see it and it reminds me of flames. Today it also reminded me to go for a walk even though it had been raining heavily all morning and then started raining on me again as I wandered around. No matter, when you live in 220 acres of glorious East Sussex countryside, you should definitely enjoy it most days!

I'm normally very planned in my activities but I thought it was important to seize the moment and grab some photos and a bit of exercise whilst I could. I also sat down for a bit and prayed and pondered as the sun shone upon me. 

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, UK Tour for 2022

In August my husband and I went to watch Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the London Palladium. It was such a great show that I wanted to write about it but it was only there for a short 10-week run in the summer. So I was thrilled to hear that the Palladium production will go on tour in 2022. At the moment there are limited dates announced, starting in the Spring and continuing through the year. At the time of writing, there are sixteen venues agreed with more to be announced. 

You should check the cast list for your chosen venue but it has been confirmed that Jac Yarrow will continue with the lead role of Joseph, Jason Donovan as Pharoh and Alexandra Burke and Linzi Hately sharing the role of the Narrator. In London, we saw Jac, Jason and Linzi in those roles and each was amazing. It was extra special for us as we saw the original production around thirty years ago and Linzi was in that too! 

Covid Measures

When we went to this show in August, it was our first foray back into a large theatre after Covid and all the closures. We had to queue outside the theatre, we're encouraged to use sanitiser as we entered and asked to wear a mask. We had been told to take a lateral flow test in the 48 hours prior to the show but no one asked to see any proof of this. Ushers asked people to wear masks and a placard was taken around the auditorium prior to the show to remind patrons. Most did wear masks, but many wore them below the nose and of course, they are impossible if you are eating or drinking. We're all waiting to see how things develop and whether masks and testing will continue to be required into 2022.

Friday, 22 October 2021

Perfect Personalised Gifts for all Occasions from Wanapix

Wanapix offer amazing personalised photo gifts including blankets, suitable for all occasions
My son loves his Puss personalised blanket

{This is a collaborative post}

When you think of personalised gifts, especially photo gifts maybe your mind just heads to mugs with photos on, or a keyring or mousemat. The kind of items that schools photographers offer for far too much money. But if that is the case then let me tell you, you are seriously out of touch. The personalised gift market has exploded and there are now so many amazing gifts you can buy that are unique and personal to your friends or family. They also don't have to cost the earth and you can get a high-quality gift for an affordable price. 

For quite a number of years now I have been buying personalised photo gifts for my family and in the case of my mum, I think I'd have an uproar if I didn't get her a photo kitchen calendar each year. I truly love the whole process of sitting at my laptop and spending a while going through my photos to choose the perfect ones for whichever project I am working on. It gives me a different pace to my regular work and I'm able to daydream and relive the memories from when the images were captured.  

Then the software used by Wanapix makes it really easy to personalise your chosen item, be it with photos, text or both. The upload times for the photos was really quick (although of course, some of that is down to your internet) and the system was easy to navigate with an advanced edit mode making each item truly customisable. I have to be honest, it was far easier and more intuitive than another similar website I've used recently. I do love finding a new great supplier that I can order from!

Let me share with you some of my favourite picks from the Wanapix website, they have crazy amounts of items to choose from. You certainly will find something for every occasion or recipient.

For your Tween/ Teen - Personalised Blanket, from £21.12

My kids all love to have a good snuggle, whether it is on the bed, sofa, floor or even outside enjoying a smore. Personalised blankets are an amazing gift that lasts for years. In this time of throwaway gifts and things only lasting a short while it is great to invest in a gift that washes well and is timeless. Have a look at my daughter Miss M who I caught snuggled up the other day with her photo fleece. We made this back in 2016 and it was a Christmas gift for her. Here she is five years later still using that gift and it looks like new. 

Wanapix offer amazing personalised photo gifts including blankets, suitable for all occasions