Saturday 8 October 2022

Five Ideas for your Partner to Celebrate Retirement

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Retirement is a wonderful time to kick back, relax and enjoy the time deserved for a hard-working life. Whether retirement has been a long time coming or it’s something that has been a luxury to do earlier, there’s plenty of time now to revel in what life has to offer.

For that partner who is retiring or has recently retired, a celebratory gift is certainly needed. To commemorate the occasion in the best way, here are five gift ideas to celebrate such a milestone point in life.

Book that once-in-a-lifetime trip

Is there a bucket list trip that the person retiring has always wanted to go on? Well, now is that opportunity to do so. If it’s financially feasible that is! However, when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, doing it now is likely the one and only time that’s perfect to do so.

Everyone’s bucket list trip is going to be different from the next. Whether it’s somewhere close by or across the other side of the world, book that trip to celebrate the occasion in style.

Get a timepiece as a symbolic gift

A great way to celebrate the occasion is a symbolic gift. When it comes to male retirement gifts, a watch is a present that will be appreciated by those who are regular wearers of this accessory. Not only is it a luxurious accessory that can be worn on all future dinners out during retirement, but it’s also symbolic of the time that’s now available.

A new chapter of a person’s life deserves a beautiful timepiece. 

A grazing platter 

Got a partner who loves to eat? A grazing platter is music to the ears of those who like to fill their stomachs with delicious food. Grazing platters have become particularly popular in recent years and are often used for events and birthdays, so why not a retirement too?

Consider it as a posh buffet for two, or get a bigger platter to celebrate with family and friends.

Dinner for two at a favourite spot

Sometimes the simplest of touches can be a great way to celebrate retirement. Why not enjoy dinner for two at a favourite spot of the person retiring? It’s a great way of reminiscing in a place that is meaningful.

Make sure to go all out and get a celebratory bottle of fizz to enjoy. Push the boat out and do desserts.

Messages from loved ones

A good way of celebrating retirement is by encouraging the person’s nearest and dearest, including colleagues to leave messages of love and appreciation on their retirement. It can be a great gift that the person retiring will appreciate for years to come. It’s also an affordable way of gifting someone a retirement present without having to spend thousands.

Celebrating a retirement is celebrating the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Anyone retiring deserves to be celebrated so make sure they get a great retirement gift, even if they say they don’t want one - they secretly do!

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