Wednesday 14 September 2022

6 Worthwhile Hobbies That Every Mum Should Consider

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Mothers are usually never off their motherhood duties, which can feel a little all-consuming. It's very easy for a mother to forget about herself and focus on meeting her children's and her family's needs. In such instances, mothers can experience intense burnout that keeps them away from the one thing they cherish the most; mothering. It is time to evaluate how you spend your time as a mum and how to factor in taking care of yourself. This post brings to light some worthwhile hobbies you can start in the comfort of your home.


Yes, every mum has a child who comes home with one or two craft assignments. Some mums love doing these crafts even without their children having them as homework. Such mums will have a great time picking up crafting as a hobby. This helps to give you a worthwhile creative outlet. Some great crafting hobbies you can easily take up include how to crochet, painting, pottery making, refinishing furniture, calligraphy, and card making, amongst others. The best part about these crafts is that they can be sold online for some supplementary income and double as great gift options for loved ones. 



Gardening as a mother is an enjoyable experience. Indeed, trying to tend to a garden while caring for a newborn can be a lot, as you might hardly have time for watering your flowers and taking out weeds. Expert plant mums who are actual mothers, too, suggest picking gardening as a hobby after your kids have matured a little. When your kids are old enough to entertain themselves, you will have more than enough time to take care of your plants. Gardening is known to be highly therapeutic, and it's also known to be a great form of exercise. Lastly, growing things in your home is a great way to inspire your kids to eat more organic foods while helping you save money on grocery shopping. 



Running is the best option if you've been searching for a hobby that helps you stay active and healthy. While running can be a general hobby for everyone, it is even more exciting for mothers who are short on time and don't need a hobby that requires extensive planning and equipment. With running, you only need suitable attire, running shoes, and some motivational workout music. Choosing to run as a hobby might spark your child's interest, especially when they're in the toddler stage. Enjoying your hobby with your little one, even if you're looking to spend some time with yourself, is ok. Besides, the fresh air on their face and their muscles being put to work mean they get to sleep earlier than usual. 

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It might be journaling or random writing episodes, but either of these are great ways to relax and unwind. As a mother, your writing might take a unique turn, focusing on your children and parenting in general; this is great and OK! You might have a vested interest in poetry, fiction, or devotional writing, and the good thing is, that you can always start no matter where you are. The more you write, the better your skills become, and in time, you can move from writing in notebooks to having a blog or being paid for articles periodically. 



Cooking as a hobby can be seen as a craft. It's easy to get tired of your kitchen, but this can be a great hobby choice if you're a huge fan of cooking and undertaking culinary experiments. Cooking as a hobby can encompass making bread, impressive desserts, canning jams and jellies, baking and decorating cakes, and so much more. The easiest way to receive inspiration for your kitchen adventures is to log into Pinterest and look up exciting recipes and photos. 



Many mothers take on the role of photographer right from the moment they set eyes on their baby. They try to capture every smile, every frown, every fall, crawl, and step. If you're the kind who loves to capture moments with your kids, consider combining this passion with practical skill and making it a great, worthwhile hobby that could potentially change into a business. 

Even on the hardest days, several mothers around the world admit that being a mum is an immensely enjoyable experience, with lots of unseen but heartfelt rewards. With hobbies of your own, there's no doubt that the journey of motherhood will be the best journey you'll ever go on.

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