Tuesday 12 July 2022

Parenting Hacks to Help Your Child Thrive

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Parenting in this modern world comes with plenty of ups and downs, and you'll spend too much time worrying about the down times. But don't, it's important to acknowledge all the things you are doing well as a parent, and if something isn't working for you, then don't give up, try something else. There is such a massive toolkit of strategies that we parents can draw upon.

Having a steady home life is so fundamental for any child and one of the most important things you can do as a parent is focus on the best ways of achieving this safe space. A child with strong foundations and known boundaries will have a head start towards thriving.

These are some of the best ways of being able to help your child thrive and grow as much as possible.

Be Patient

One of the key things to keep in mind is that you need to make sure you are as patient as possible with your children. Being a child and going through lots of developmental leaps and growths can be challenging for many children. It goes without saying that your child needs to feel your patience and feel able to have the room to make mistakes, deal with the resulting consequences and then grow as an outcome of what they've experienced.

Find a Routine

Finding a routine that works for your family is really important, and there are so many ideas that you can use to help you achieve this. Don't be tempted to copy your best friends routine, or one a book advocates, as every family is unique. So make sure you think about all the factors that matter to your family and incorporate those. Children like routine, and they often need it to help them acclimatise to changes and get used to things.  

Focus on Home Learning

Ongoing learning in the home is an integral part of helping your child thrive in life. It's not just enough to send them to school and feel their education is complete. You, as the parent, need to be involved and committed to helping them to learn, grow, gain new knowledge and generally improve. There are many ways to do this and they don't have to be difficult, so can plan things like fun games for learning letters, or shopping together and planning and cooking a menu.

Look After Them When They’re Sick

Looking after your child when they are sick is one of the best things you can do to cement the bond between parent and child. When your child feels poorly they are at their most vulnerable, as well as feeling distressed and upset. But they may not be able to fully articulate the way they are feeling, which means they can become more distressed. My post, tips for calming a sick child will give you some ideas for helping your child to feel the best they can when they are poorly.

Bond With Them

The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest and most natural, and it is one that needs to be nurtured and strengthened. There are so many different ways of being able to bond effectively with your child these days, so think about some ideas that might work for you both. Spending more time together, cooking or making things, playing and reading, eating together and taking trips out are all great ways of being able to bond with your child more effectively.

Teach Them About the World

Teaching your kids about the world around them is one of the best ways of being able to improve and nurture their minds and help them thrive. There are so many amazing things to explore in our world, whether you’re going on holiday or even just heading into the garden. Showing your child all the wonderful things life has in store for them is hugely important, and there are a lot of ways in which you are able to achieve this. As you can teach them about the world this helps to improve their horizons and aspirations and allows them to see a different future for themselves.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is the backbone of healthy living, and this is something that you need to try to make the most of as much as you can. This is why you need to make sure you are able to improve your diet to be a good role model, and then ensure the kids are eating as well as possible. Trying to encourage healthy eating through planning menus together, cooking collaboratively and trying new foods is a good way forward.

Read to Them Every Day

Reading is one of the most fulfilling and important things you can do to help your children thrive and grow. It is an essential part of their development and helps them to learn and improve their knowledge and vocabulary. Reading also heightens their imagination and helps them to understand new concepts in life.

As you can see there is plenty to think about as a parent looking to improve your child’s knowledge, learning and growth, with the aim of helping them to thrive. Just tackle one or two ideas initially and go from there. Good luck!

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