Thursday 7 April 2022

5 Cost-Effective Tips for Creating a Beautiful Space

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The aesthetics of your everyday environment can make a world of difference in our lives. Your house can be a reflection of who you are - your personality, interests, style preferences, etc. It may be a cosy comfort haven full of hygge vibes or maybe a geometric dream with sharp angels and a vibrant colour palette, whatever works for you, just make sure it encourages positive emotions.

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful space, right? While at times, creating that beautiful space in a home can be costly, the fact is, it actually doesn’t need to be pricey at all. So these are some fabulous tips for creating a luxurious and beautiful space in your home, all on a budget!

Ensure that each space has a specific purpose

When it comes to decorating a space, you're going to want to think about practicalities and identify what purpose the room has. So wander from room to room and determine the purpose of each room, or maybe some need to be multi-purpose. Having a solid understanding of what the space will be used for and what atmosphere you want to evoke will make it easier to decide how to decorate and what key furniture pieces you need to invest in. You can make your playroom beautiful while still maintaining a pristine adult-focused living room.

Add some memories

Memories are what make a house into a home. Don’t be afraid to add something inspiring and original to your walls, shelf, or other pieces of furniture in your home. Something such as large photo prints is one of the best ways to get your space looking grand and to make it really unique and personal to your family. You can add family photos to these huge prints or something such as landscapes as well but memories don’t need to be limited to photos. Souvenirs such as postcards or knick-knacks are also a couple of great ways to decorate a space on a limited budget.


A clean and tidy home is a happy home. One of the most affordable ways you can make a major transformation in your home, completely free, is by cleaning and decluttering. A little effort can make a real difference but a lot can go even further, so put some time aside and get ruthless with your sort out. Cleaning the house top to bottom, sprucing it up, and ditching most of the clutter will make your home feel breathable. This also allows other elements in your home to have a chance to shine as well. Decluttering and housekeeping are essentially free and this is going to be a sure-fire way to create the affordable aesthetics your space needs.

Think about getting some new curtains

Having beautifully dressed windows is one of the key essentials for creating a luxurious space right in your home. Affordable luxury décor like this is something you can’t skip out on. While there are window treatments that are more on the expensive side, materials such as chiffon, sheer, and lace not only bring in plenty of natural light but still create that much-needed layer of privacy for your home too. 

You can add height to any room by positioning the curtain rail as close to the ceiling as possible. Tall ceilings are a clear indicator of luxury and this is an easily affordable aesthetic that you should never skip over. Also, keeping the colour of your window dressing neutral adds to the chic-luxury appearance.

Take a look at your furniture

Why not shake things up by rearranging your furniture in each room? This is not only free, but it’s a great way to liven up the space. Each room needs to have a focal point but it doesn't have to remain the same one always.  Most homes will have the biggest piece of furniture as their main focal point, this includes the couch for the living room or the table for the dining room but this doesn't have to be the case. You may make a fireplace the first place that all eyes rest by adding a large mirror above it and using bold accessories.

It's absolutely possible to create the beautiful interior space that you and your family deserve on a limited budget. Interior design doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t even need to hire an interior designer either. Just be open to thinking outside the box, use what you already have, and of course be creative among everything else! Why not rope in a imaginative friend to help, they always say two heads are better then one!

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