Wednesday 23 March 2022

Exercise Whilst You Work - Review of the V9 Pro Desk Bike from FlexiSpot

Review and video of the FlexiSpot V9 Pro Desk Bike. It is a sturdy bike for working and exercising at the same time. I'd highly recommend it.

{I was gifted this Desk Bike for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, any affiliate links will be marked with #ad}

V9 Pro Desk Bike

We all know it is important not to be sedentary for too many hours in the day but when you work online it can be hard to fit everything in. I have to admit that exercise is often the activity that falls to the wayside as working to pay the bills or looking after the kids tends to take priority. A couple of weeks ago I was presented with a fantastic solution, by way of the V9 Pro Desk Bike

If I'm honest it's a funny looking squarish bike that you can use with your desk (or a modern sit/ stand desk) and you cycle as you work. As I tend to work with my computer on my lap, whilst sitting on the sofa I don't actually have a desk any longer so I wondered if this bike would suit me, but they have a solution for my problem. You can purchase the V9 Pro Desk Bike with a desktop attached and it is a really large and sturdy desktop.

I hadn't held out much hope that this bike would be any good for me as I'm a very large lady and that obviously means I'm heavy. In the past, home exercise bikes have always felt too flimsy and they've made me feel uncomfortable to ride them. However, this bike is truly sturdy with a nice big seat and I'm totally happy using it. 

One of my daughters has already commandeered the bike into her bedroom and that's OK as she has a good amount of space and when I want to use it is when she is at school anyway. My son has also been using it a bit as well, so it is great that it is encouraging many of us in the family to be more active. 

I've made a video of me setting the bike up and starting to use it, so take a look at that but basically, it's a great bike and it was super easy to get working. The V9 Pro retails for £399.99 as just the bike to use with your own desk. Or the version with the removable desktop is £439.99 but at the moment there is an extra £40 off with a voucher code that is publicised on the website until 10th Feb. After that, they are having a 'Say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle' sale from 11th to 28th February 2022, so it will be interesting to see what discount that provides!

Obviously, it is not cheap but I think it is good value at that price as it should last for years and make a difference to your lifestyle. 

Things I Love

  • Super easy to set up and start exercising
  • Good range of resistance levels
  • Very, very quiet so you can take part in a Zoom call/ listen to music etc and it doesn't interfere
  • Super padded large comfortable seat
  • The desk slides back and forwards to the best position for people of differing sizes
  • Pneumatic seat and desk height adjustment
  • Very sturdy, no wobble as you get on and off
  • Lockable wheels to ensure it stays still when in use
  • Easy to wheel around between rooms if you want to
  • The desktop comes off and the wheels fold back in for longer-term storage
  • But most of all, you increase your fitness level as you work, or watch TV, or read, whatever you fancy. Multitasking is always a hit with me!

In the interest of balance, I'd like to tell you the cons of this bike and the things I didn't like, but genuinely I think it is great and there is nothing I don't like. Yes, it is heavy but for me, that is a plus point as it means it stays sturdy as I cycle.

The Cycling Experience

It is a very upright cycling experience, much more so than a regular outdoor bike. My son is 6ft and he is able to comfortably cycle and use the desktop even when it is not quite fully extended, and I am 5ft 4" and it worked perfectly for me too so there is a good range of heights to suit most people. 

The rotation of the pedals is fairly small so it doesn't quite feel like an outdoor cycling experience, but nevertheless, it was comfortable and with the increased resistance means it provided a workout. You do have to balance the amount of resistance with keeping your focus on working as I found it fairly hard to concentrate on working if I was cycling too hard. I suspect it all gets easier with practice.

Miss E felt that if she was cycling for longer periods of time that she needed to be wearing shoes as the pedals were a bit uncomfortable with just socks. 

The Working Experience

I found the V9 pro desk bike (#ad) a comfortable place to work as you could adjust the desktop far more than you can a traditional desk and it was a good large size that remained steady once I had tightened the screw a good amount. 

The desk has padding at the part cloest to you, a bit like a keyboard arm rest and there is a lip to ensure that things do not slide off. My laptop is a 15.6" model and you can see it fits well on the desktop and a large one would be fine too. Obvioulsy if you use a desktop computer or multiple monitors this won't be suitable for you and it would be better to just use the desk bike without the desk top and have it under your regular desk. 


I think the V9 Pro Desk Bike is perfect for someone like myself who has some weight to lose and isn't the fittest already. It is a really gentle cardiovascular workout to get started with and you can increase the resistance as your fitness improves. It is so much better than sitting on the couch doing my work. 

It is an investment price-wise and it does take up space, so you need to be committed to using it to buy it. However, even at the full price of £449.99, using it over a year is just £8.63 cost per week. That is less than a couple of posh coffees or a train fare if you worked at an office, I think it is a great purchase and it will make a difference to my lifestyle and that can't be underestimated. 

It's a big thumbs up in our house!

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Review and video of the FlexiSpot V9 Pro Desk Bike. It is a sturdy bike for working and exercising at the same time. I'd highly recommend it.

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