Thursday 3 February 2022

Getting Your Tools To Get Ready To Garden Again

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The true importance of a garden is that it’s much more than just a way to generate some curb appeal. They play an important role in shaping the environment that we live and spend our time in and, as such, keeping them maintained is crucial. With spring coming over the horizon, this might mean you need to take a closer look at your tools and make sure that they’re up to scratch for the year ahead.

Ensure your tools are clean and ready

Hopefully, there shouldn’t be too much in the way of soil or other dirt actively sticking to your tools, but you should make sure that you’re checking them just in case, to prevent corrosion. For the majority of metal gardening tools, soaking them in warm water and then using a jet to clean them off is worth considering. If you have any tools you’re worried about, you can use an oil like the ones from this store to make sure that they’re coated against the external pressures that can cause corrosion.

Test out the motorised ones

For a lot of people, you might not have too many motorised tools, but any that you do have and you haven’t used for a while, you should give them a short test run after visually inspecting them for any faults. Check to ensure that your lawnmower is working as it should be after cleaning out any debris that might still be lingering in there. If there are any issues, then you should use your manufacturer’s guide to troubleshoot and you can get replacement parts from this site. The sooner you act on any issues with your motorised tools, even the seemingly minor ones, the less likely they are to be so costly.

Getting them sharp enough for the job

When it comes to your shears, pruners, or anything else that’s a cutting tool, you need to give them a little extra attention. Wiping them with some WD40 is a good start, but you should also check as to whether they need to be sharpened. If you’re not comfortable with sharpening your tools, then you might want to see if your local garden tool store offers that as a service, or you could simply get a replacement but that seems a bit wasteful as decent garden shears can last for decades with the right care. You can also buy sharpening whetstones, just make sure that you use them carefully, wearing thick protective gloves.

Ensure they have the appropriate storage

If you see any of your tools suffering the effects of rust or corrosion, then it’s likely that they were not stored properly. You should never leave your tools outdoors for too long and you should make sure that your shed is well insulated against the elements. The best option would, of course, be a decent metal toolbox that not only keeps them separate from their environment but also offers them some security too.

The less you take care of your tools, the more likely you are to have to pay to replace them. Hopefully, the tips above will help you keep your tools in great condition, ready for the upcoming spring.

Happy gardening, I hope you enjoy your outdoor space as much as I do!

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