Sunday 22 August 2021

6 Situations where Self Storage could be your Perfect Answer

Six reasons why renting a self-storage unit might suit your cirumstances
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I suspect that like me there have been times when you have felt your house is bursting at the seams and you just need some more space.  But upgrading to a new house is financially impossible and getting rid of some of your treasured things just feels too heart wrenching, Never fear there are other solutions, which mean you can restore your house to uncluttered harmony.

You may never have considered using self-storage before but it is so practical and there are so many of them now, that you can almost always get once fairly close to home and you're free to access it whenever you like (within the site operating hours). Here, I'll share six situations where self-storage could be the right answer.

1. Your home is undergoing major renovations

You might be adding an extension, changing the layout or just refurbishing some of the most used rooms. Whichever it is, it probably won't be practical to move all the belongings from those rooms into other rooms in the house if you are planning to still live there whilst the renovation goes on. So why not invest in self-storage for the short term. Now Self Storage is a family run business, established for over ten years with a number of sites across the country.

2.  When you're moving house

A number of years back my husband and I both switched jobs at the same time and this meant we had to move out of the house that had come with our jobs. We invested in a new build flat and were excited to move in but sadly there were delays and it turned out we needed to find somewhere to stay for two or three months. Thankfully, my husbands, Nan gave us a room, but we had to take a storage container to house all our stuff, as there was no room for it all in his Nana's 2 bedroom house. 

3.  You're away on business for some time

Your job may take you out of the country or you are lucky enough to be able to lease your house or sell up and go travelling. Either way, you probably don't want to get rid of all your worldly goods as it would be a very big job to start again on your return. So an appropriately sized self-storage unit could offer a great solution and allow you to leave your things safely and securely whilst you enjoy this new adventure. 

Photo by Ömürden Cengiz on Unsplash

4.  Between having babies 

Any parent will know that babies come with a lot of paraphernalia and you may want to have a break between having your children. But if you have a compact home and no garage where do you store the pushchair, car seat, Moses basket, change table, high chair, cot, baby walker, bundles of toys and all those clothes they grow out of so very fast? In a self-storage unit or course and the great thing is that many are managed on a monthly basis and therefore if you get pregnant quicker than you expected you can always get your baby things out sooner than expected. 

5.  You need to store business records or stock

Recently my friends mum passed away, which of course is very sad, but it also gave rise to some more practical problems, like taking over her business and winding it up. She was able to sell the premises and let the staff go but there is still a legal obligation to hold onto all the paperwork for a number of years and as there were dozens of filing boxes full of it, she didn't want to bring it into her home, so renting a small document storage unit makes a lot of sense. 

If you have your own business you may also find that some times in the year are far busier than others and you need to hold more stock at those times. Self-storage can provide a good answer to this situation too, as it allows your company to grow, but just at peak times. 

6.  Your child has gone to University

When your child goes away to university you may not want all their things left in the home. Perhaps the room will now be used by another sibling, or maybe you need to rent it out to help you support your child at Uni. Whichever is the reason, you can arrange for a self-storage unit either near home or near university if your child might need access and this will free up some space in your home. 

You can also hire space in many self-storage facilities for the summer months and this means your child doesn't have to try and get all their belongings home for just a couple of months. 

I bet you never realised that self-storage could be so versatile, but it is. There is all manner of sizes of units available and they are super accessible and generally protected by 24 hour CCTV.

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