Tuesday 13 July 2021

Five Important Things Everyone Should Know about an MOT

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So come on, hands up, who knew that MOT stood for Ministry of Transport? I certainly didn't, it is one of those acronyms that is so embedded in everyday life that you never even stop to question what it means. The Ministry of Transport test was introduced in 1960, and those first tests were voluntary, conducted on cars older than ten years and only checked brakes, steering and the lights. Despite this, more than half of the first vehicles tested failed their tests! You can see why they felt it eas necessary to introduce this new measure. 

Here are five things you should know about your MOT -


Three Year Rule

Instead of ten years, vehicles in much of the UK must be subject to an MOT test when they turn three years old. In fact, my car has just had its first test a couple of weeks ago and I'm pleased to report, it passed with flying colours. Some vintage cars are exempt because they do not have modern technology inside them and because they tend to be used sparingly for specialist vintage events, which means they are very carefully looked after the rest of the time. In Ireland, it's slightly different and cars must have an MOT after they turn four years old.


Twenty Checklist

Rather than just brakes, steering and lights, an MOT now thoroughly examines a car, checking everything from the wheels and tyres to the suspension, to the electronics and emissions. Every aspect of the car that could potentially render the driver or other road users unsafe is checked, and just one item failing will result in a fail for the overall MOT. Many people like to book a service concurrent with the MOT test so that the mechanic can fix any issues as he does the service, leaving the car even more MOT ready than before.


Fixed Price

MOTs have a fixed price list and at the moment for light four-wheel vehicles, such as personal cars, it is £54.85. Do note that this is the maximum that can be charged for an MOT, and many companies will charge less, or offer a discount on the MOT for taking another service or product at the same time. I've found it is really cost-effective to buy a three-year service plan and pay monthly, this has saved me around £180mover the course of the three years. 


Registered MOT Test Centre

Look for the blue and white triangle logo that indicates that the garage or service station is a legally registered MOT testing centre. These companies are the only ones who can provide you with an MOT certificate and they are bound by the authorising body's standards which works to protect drivers from unwanted charges and unnecessary expenses.


Cannot Drive Without It

Finally, if your car fails the MOT you cannot drive your vehicle except to go straight to a garage for repairs. Make sure, if you think there is a chance your car will fail its test, that you have a backup plan for getting home! It's sensible to take steps to keep your car in good working order throughout the year so that you can rest assured that your vehicle will fly through its MOT and get you back on the road in no time! Book MOT test in London at Elite Direct and make sure you are legally compliant and safe on the roads as soon as you can,

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