Thursday 22 April 2021

Why Is Laminate Flooring So Popular?

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If you are looking for a value floor covering that can give you ample strength, durability and will last a long time, then laminate flooring is a great choice. Laminate floors have been around for decades now, but that doesn’t mean that its popularity has diminished. Laminate floors are still a great reasonably priced option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on floors. Here are some very good reasons why people love laminate flooring.

1. It is Cheaper than most other Flooring Materials

This reason is probably one of the main ones which make people gravitate towards laminate flooring. Who doesn’t love a good choice of flooring, which can give you durability and strength but also comes at a great price? It's also really clever how laminate flooring can mimic any other flooring design. This is the beauty of the 3D printer which makes your style and finish of flooring look authentic but is actually laminate.

2. You can Install it Yourself

If you are a handy person who loves to do things yourself, then you will be happy to know that you can install laminate floors quite easily. This is a great project to take over and it takes no time at all to install this kind of flooring. Since laminate floors can be installed as floating floors, it makes the job a lot easier for you, and also takes a lot less time and preparation. All you really need is some good laminate adhesive, a measuring tape and some patience. Once the adhesive is applied, you need to align the planks of laminate against the adhesive in a straight line. Allow the glue to dry for the allocated time and then move on to the next section or room. Job done!


3. They are Resistant to Stains

If you are worried about stains and their removal, then fret no more, because laminate flooring is stain resistant. Yes, laminate floors cannot absorb stains. The reason is that laminate floors are not nearly as porous as many other floor materials, so there is no way for the spilt material to seep deep into the crevices of laminate flooring and cause it to stain. You can just take a wet washcloth and wipe off the excess liquid and be satisfied it is gone for good. 

4. They Don’t cause Allergies

A lot of people worry about floors which can cause allergies. Natural materials can cause a lot of allergic reactions for children and older people who are prone to getting allergies. Laminate floors will not do such a thing because of their non-porous nature and also, because laminate is a man-made material it doesn’t house any sort of bacteria or microorganisms which can lead to allergies.

In all, laminate flooring is a really attractive and cost-effective alternative to real wood or other expensive natural flooring methods. 

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